Colonel Tom’s Marching Band

This story was inspired by the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three things challenge:

Today’s things are: bakery, muffin, snare drum

Here is my story:

The Marching band came down the main street of the town playing Sousa’s The Liberty Bell.

The band was truly dreadful and nothing cleared the street faster than hearing the Marching band turn the corner. The snare drum was always out of beat with the side drum. The Trumpets were always flat, the trombones were sharp and the notes the clarinets played were never even imagined by Sousa or any other composer. The conductor, Colonel Tom Starkey grinned enthusiastically as he walked backwards in front of the band waving his white baton. What a shame he was completely tone deaf.

As the band reached the bakery someone wearing a balaclava ran out into the street clutching bread and cakes. The masked figure began throwing baked items at the band.

A chocolate eclair fell into the tuba and a muffin blocked the bell of a trombone.

Colonel Tom’s face ended up covered in cream and sponge.

The mysterious masked figure ran off down the street.

At the town meeting afterwards, they discussed the incident.

It was decided that rather than try to trace the perpetrator of the bun fight, they would instead proclaim him a hero.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 26/September/2018