Song Lyric Sunday – Calling all Aliens…

Last week I took part in Jim Adam’s Song Lyric Sunday Challenge, the theme was Heavenly Bodies, Planets, Moon, Sun, Stars, as suggested by King Ben’s Grandma. 

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The Song Lyric Sunday Challenge this week is Communication, Information, News, Telephone suggested by Di of pensitivity101.

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I started think about communications and the media and I remembered that back in the late 70’s or early 80’s when I was a wee nipper, there had been a song released by the Carpenters (in 1977) that referenced something called “World Contact Day”.

Rather than communication with humans, this was an attempt to send out a massive communication from Earth to any life forces out in the universe in the hope of obtaining even the merest vestige of a response. Of course any response would have been put down as a Swindle of some kind.

I remember the song well because despite being a huge fan of the Carpenters, my mother found this song to be totally balmy (in the informal sense of the word) and even repugnant!

The Introduction to the song was a talking bit that was supposed to be a radio DJ and then someone with a very strange voice dials in trying to make contact with humans. Then, the gorgeous voice of Karen Carpenter rings out.

It is the most bizaare song.


All Hit Radio!
Alright, you’re listening to All Hit Radio
And it’s 53 degrees at 30 minutes past the hour
And right now on our all request line
I’ve got Mike Ledgerwood on the phone
Hey, babe, what would you like to hear?
We’ve been observing your Earth
Hey babe, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you too well
You’re gonna have to speak a little closer into the phone
Okay, babe? What would you like to hear again?
We are observing your Earth
Hey Mike, I’m sorry babe, but that’s not on our playlist
And by the way, you sound great over the phone
Anyway, if you’d give us your request
We’ll be glad to play it for ya, babe
So let’s hear it!
We are observing your Earth
Uh, listen Mike, I’m sorry babe but we can’t-
And we’d like to make
I’m sorry Mike, we there’s-
A contact (uh)
With you, baby

In your mind you have capacities, you know
To telepath messages through the vast unknown
Please close your eyes and concentrate
With every thought you think
Upon the recitation we’re about to sing

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft

You’ve been observing our Earth
And we’d like to make
A contact with you

We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, ultra emissaries

We’ve been observing your Earth
And one night we’ll make
A contact with you

We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary, quite extraordinary craft

And please come in peace, we beseech you
Only our love we will teach them
Our Earth may never survive
So do come, we beg you

Please, interstellar policeman
Oh won’t you give us a sign
Give us a sign
That we’ve reached you
Oh do

With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes, you concentrate
Together, that’s the way
To send the message we declare World Contact Day

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft

Ah ah ah ahhAh ah ah ahhAh ah ah ahh

Calling occupants
Calling occupants
Calling occupants of interplanetary, anti-adversary craft

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: John Woloschuk / Terry Draper

I hope you enjoy this song.

I have also included the following word prompts:

Multiple Word Prompt Story – The Balmy Afternoon – Kira’s Sunday Scribbles.

This story was inspired by this drawing by Kira,


And also the following Word Prompts

The sun burned and sizzled above and heat waves rose from the ground blurring the view over the once green valley. The river that cut its way down towards the sea had been reduced to a trickle over bare rocks, rarely seen and washed clean, now baking in the sunshine. It was a balmy day.

The group gathered around in the shade of an enormous Cedartree. There was some respite from the unrelenting sun, some coolness and verdant greenery in that now parched landscape.

Just beyond the tree, the river had meandered and carved out a section that had become an oxbow lake. Just perfect for swimming.

It didn’t take long before everyone had jumped into the pool and started splashing around with abandon.

Olivia jumped out of the pool and gathered up the abandoned clothing. There were only a few socks. They were a group of naturists and nudity was their uniform. Socks protected their feet in their walking boots but the rest of their garments remained rolled up in their backpacks pending the moment when they entered populated areas where their nakedness would cause offence.

Olivia strode gracefully across the meadow, putting up a washing line with all their discarded socks dangling from it like glorious bunting on a parade day. In her hand, she held a clump of earth. She peered into the clump with a fascination that would not be broken. Botany was her passion.

Olivia had discovered a new species of creature that had clung to her leg and wouldn’t let go. She kept it as a pet.

It was a glorious afternoon that no-one from the Naturist Naturalist Group would forget in a long time.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/December/2018