What did I miss? – A recap.

I have seen other blogs do this and thought, what the hell, let’s have a go and see if it works out.

I don’t, however, commit to doing this every week, but if it’s useful, then I might.

Something that I hadn’t considered before is that looking back over what you’ve done over the past week can identify certain trends. For example, I seem to have written much more poetry this week than usual. I have always written more stories than poems in the past. Also, a lot of the poems are comedy ones, supposed to be funny. Of course, when you write comedy, you do so without any real knowledge if it is going to work. It isn’t funny until someone else laughs.

Also, being the week of Valentines, there are quite a few Valentines related poetry (but not of the soppy kind).







Non-Valentines related poems:




I also discovered a new poetry form – The Elfchen:




Valentines related poetry:







So, tell me, Do you find it useful having the links put in one place?

Did you like any of them in particular?







My Indulgencies – A Limerick

This was written in response to Esther Chilton’s weekly challenge.

See here:


The challenge is to write a story or poem or Limerick about your favourite indulgences.

So here you go:

A Couple of Scones with Jam and cream

is my favourite indulgent dream

But it makes me quite fat

and I’m quite worried that,

I’m in danger of bursting a seam.



Another Anniversary, well Monthiversary

Today marks Three Months since I began my blog.

This is such a fantastic milestone for me, because I tend to give up and move on to something new after 2 months and here I am after three months and still blogging!

I started with absolutely no blogging experience and very little technical knowledge.

I am so proud to say I now have 213 followers.

I have Posted 334 posts (this one will make 335).

I have had 7,759 views, 2,808 visitors and 4,061 likes.

I must be doing OK then? You must like some of the stories and poems that come out of this crazy head of mine. Surely?

I wanted to share again with you two of my earlier posts:

This one has had the fewest views, probably because I posted in on my very first day:


Let me know what you think.

This one is one of my most viewed story posts:


Have I improved?

The only reason I haven’t given up, it because of the lovely encouraging comments I get from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I have enjoyed the blogging process so much more than I thought I would.

I enjoy reading other blogs and seeing what it out there. I have also made a lot of blogging friends along the way, from all over the world. That has been a huge bonus.

Bless you. XXX



My Blog is now 2 Months Old!!!


200 Posts
Congratulations on writing 200 posts onΒ Tales from the mind of Kristian!
Gosh, Haven’t I been a busy boy!?!
Today is also my Two Monthiversary!
I have been writing my blog for two months already and I can’t believe it!
In that time I have managed to build up:
1570 Visitors
But most importantly I have read some excellent blogs, and dare I say it, made some nice online friends.
I have also enjoyed myself immensely.
Sharing my stories and poems was something I was very anxious about.
What if no one reads them? What if no one Likes them?
Well thanks to all those who regularly visit and comment, I have had an incredible, confidence building experience.
I wish to say to all of you a really HUGE THANK YOU!!!!