A list of regrets – A poem


This poem was written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge,


Today’s challenge was to write a list poem.

I have also included the following word prompts:




FOWC with Fandango — Extra


A List of Regrets

I picked up the book you kept by your bed

I turned to the page, the last that you’d read,

I saw that you’d written a word on that page

I wish I’d not let the sun set on our rage.

The word that you’d written, next to the crease,

Was something you longed for, the simple word ‘Peace’.

Now I gather together the last of your things,

The book by the bed, your watch and some rings.

I realise with regret and remorse, I delayed,

Signing the treaty of peace that you’d made.

I wish I could call extra time on the past

And renew the love between us we thought that would last.

Now I sit here and list all the things in my head

Things that I’ll remember now that you’re dead.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24/April/2019

50 Word Thursday #18 – A little knowledge is Dangerous!

Debbie Whittam has set a challenge to write a poem or story in 50 words, or multiples of 50 up to a maximum of 250 words, inspired by a picture and include some particular lines.


Here is the story I wrote last week:


Here is this weeks picture.



Here are the words to incorporate:

Books had histories, and history was a form of remembering.  And occult books were better at remembering than most

John Connolly – Night Music.  Nocturnes. Volume 2.

Here is my story:

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous!

In most people’s eyes, it was a collection of junk, purchased from one peddler or another over the years, but seen through the prism of her eyes, it was a treasure like no other.

Each object held a memory of an important person in her family history. The most important of all were the books.

Books had histories, and history was a form of remembering. And occult books were better at remembering than most.

Hidden amongst the tatty books was her grandmother grimoire.

Having acquired all the required objects, she waited for a convenient moment and nightfall.

It had taken years to gather the collection and locate the key to the whole thing, her grandmother’s diary.

Her grandmother had made a great discovery, the secret to immortality. No one knew where her grandmother had gone, she had been an elderly lady, but no one had ever found her remains. Before she departed, she’d written to her explaining that the power skipped a generation, it flowed through her veins and she was her heir. She’d left instructions on where to find her book and all the other objects that she would need.

Everything was ready and her heart beat fast with excitement.

When darkness fell, she began lighting the candles and chanting the words.

Her grandmother’s face built up quickly in the dark mirror.

“There you are, granddaughter. Prepare yourself, you are the vessel. I’ll live on through you.”

The pain was excruciating as her spirit was expelled from her body.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 13/September/2018



FOWC with Fandango — Prism


Multiple Word Prompt – The Mystical Book

Multiple Word Prompts:











I was always on the lookout for arcane wisdom or ancient magical knowledge and I had heard about an old book, the Grimoire of a wise old man that he had kept hidden from the world.

Septimus Arcanas was the name taken by the most powerful magician of the early twentieth century. He had died an extremely wealthy man. He had purchased a castle in the highlands of Scotland near the town of Drumnadrochit, overlooking Loch Ness. He was an unusually eccentric old man and used to love swimming in Loch Ness, which he did every evening regardless of the weather. His body was never found and so it was presumed he had drowned. No body ever washed ashore. Some said he was eaten by the Loch Ness Monster. No one will ever know.

At last, I have obtained the ownership of the castle, although it has taken all of the money I could raise from calling in debts, to incurring several of my own in order to procure it but procure it, I have.

A very strange place it is too. Before He died, the Old Wizard had gone to great expense to restore the castle to something like it would have been in the Middle Ages. Bright Tapestries adorns the walls in some rooms and Oak panels in others. In every room there is a fireplace but a central heating system had been installed. It was still not a very comfortable experience but the view over the beautiful Loch was worth it. The place was full of secret passageways hidden behind bookcases and oak panels. Even the main fireplace in the great hall opened when a carved Lion on the mantelpiece was pushed. I navigated my way around the Castle looking for the ancient tome. It took me months before I found what I was looking for. The old man had hidden his secret study well. I would never have found it except that the moon that night had been so bright and it shone through the window of the master bedroom, so sleek and silvery and reflected from the mirror on to the wall opposite and lit up a word carved lightly in the stone. It was only visible because the light had caught it just right, and in the mirror, I could read it perfectly. “Push Here” it said. I walked over to the words and pressed the stone. The headboard of the bed fell forwards and hidden behind it was an opening into the wall cavity and some narrow stone steps climbing up into the ceiling.

With great exhilaration I lit the bedside candle and climbed these narrow steps. It was a very tight fit; the steps were barely wider than my shoulders.  Then I pushed open a small door and entered the chamber hidden in the roof. The first thing that hit me was a foul stench. I lifted up my candle and saw a rotting corpse dressed in decayed robes of red and gold satin. It seemed the Old Magician hadn’t drowned after all but had died in his secret chamber so that no one had found his body.

I rushed over to the tiny window and pulled back the black cloth that covered it, letting in some moonlight. I opened the window to let in the cold night air. Anything to clear that disgusting stench of decay. It was getting hard to breathe. Then, there by the corpses hand I saw what I was looking for. The Leather bound ancient grimoire. The Secret arcane knowledge of the last great Wizard. It seemed to glow with a Mystical light of its own. I grabbed the book and descended the steps back down to the fresher air below.

I could barely contain myself as I sat on the bed and opened the old book, the spine seemed to creak like that of an old corpse. It sent a shiver through my body.

The hand writing was the beautiful cursive script of an educated hand from a bygone age. I read the words and was dumbstruck.

“Behold, these are the last words of wisdom of Septimus Arcanas.

Temper your greed for gold, for the true wealth of life lies not in monetary gain but in the pursuit of knowledge, happiness and love. Only these abstract things can provide solid and lasting riches.

You seek the magic powers to bring about your deepest desires and you have found them here. First you must dream, for only dreamers know what they truly desire. Then state clearly what you want so the whole world knows.

The final step is clear, gain knowledge, experience and confidence so that you believe yourself capable of acquiring what you seek. Only then will you gain what you truly desire.

If you seek further evidence of this fact, ponder this. You desired to acquire my grimoire above all things and through your own knowledge, experience and determination, it now lies in your hands.”

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 26/June/2016