Love Expired – A comedy poem

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He took her to his favourite spot

The day was bright, the sun was hot,

She knew he liked to walk a lot

But she was getting tired.


They reached the zenith of the peak

It seemed she’d trekked for about a week,

And now the sweat streamed down her cheek

The walk was not what she’d desired.


Breathtaking views greeted her eye

velvet green forests, azure blue sky

but still, she turned and asked him why

“Why drag me up here?” she inquired.


Then he realised his big mistake,

The gaffe he’d made and what was at stake,

He should have honeymooned by a lake

or on a yacht, he could have hired.

Rather than this mountain that he admired.

And so like, life, their love expired.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 22/May/2019

FOWC with Fandango — Gaffe



Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – Failing each new day.

The Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe is to write something with the phrases New Dawn/ New Day/ New Dreams. See link below:

Here is my attempt:

I stand on a precipice.

Before me the world, and all its opportunities, unfolds.

Dare I step forward into the unknown?

The fear of failure gives me pause.

It will stymie far more than my crepitus filled knee.

If only I can find the courage to take a step,

A new dawn full of new dreams awaits.

The prospect is breathtaking.

But so is my fear.

Surely, though, the fear that I am missing out on my destiny,

Failing to reach my full potential,

Should be greater than any fear of the unknown?

Yet I stand here paralysed.

Unable to move.

Unable to breath.

Until time takes its toll.