A multiple word prompt story – Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea.

I wrote this story a couple of years ago and thought it was time to share it again.

I hope you enjoy it.

This story was inspired by the following word prompts:

Word of the Day: Insipid


Your daily word: Accommodation


The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge:


Today’s things are: caterpillar, silent, hotel

Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea

It was a lovely hotel and for once it looked exactly like it had in the brochure. The online reviews ranged, like they normally did, from describing it as paradise on earth to an outpost of hell. Ignoring the two extremes most people had posted that they’d had a positive experience, so she booked. For the money, it was reasonable accommodation.

One of the unexpected things that really pleased her was how silent it was. They had chosen to come out of season. It was the middle of September and so the schools were back, thank heavens. She couldn’t think of anything worse than going on holiday and being surrounded by packs of screaming kids. It reminded her painfully of the fact that she couldn’t have any and also made her feel slightly glad of it.

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It’s Just Plain… Pronunciation


I have been tagged by A Guy Called Bloke, see here:

It’s Just Plain … Pronounciation Right, So Why?

He says I am Quintessentially British, which I take as a wonderful compliment. Thanks, Rory, much appreciated. I am British and English. I also believe that the art of communication is just to be understood, and for that to happen we need a great deal of understanding and a bit of flexibility and above all Respect.

Rules –  (copied from A guy called Bloke’s post)

Look at the words below and tell me which word you use and then me why, your version is better than the version l use. See it is simpler today as a game.

I have nominated three bloggers this time for this variation of the game, they can should they choose nominate between 1 – 3 bloggers of their own.[However explain in the nomination why you have chosen that blogger]

Additionally, if you can , add two of your own words that you may have confusions with, but there is no need to replace them with two of my own entries, your new words are additions only.

Please note this is a bit of fun … l grew up in Australia, so l am all too familiar with many variations and it was only through British brainwashing that l changed!!

“It’s Just Plain …” created byA Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! a pingback is always welcome but it also means l don’t miss out on the fun either!


Mine = Herbs/Yours = Erbs

Which is right?

Mine = Socks/Yours = Sox

Which is right?

Mine = CV/Yours = Resume

Which is right?

Mine = Ring Someone/Yours = Call Someone

Which is right?

Mine = Rubbish Bin/Yours = Trash Can

Which is right?

Mine = Secondary School/Yours = High School

Which is right?

Mine = Lift/Yours = Elevator

Which is right?

Mine = Ground Floor/Yours = First Floor

Which is right?

Mine = Holiday/Yours = Vacation

Which is right?

Mine = Post Code/Yours = Zip Code

Which is right?

Mine = Jumper/Yours = Sweater

Which is right?

Mine = Lorry/Yours = Semi

Which is right?

Mine = Crisp/Yours = Chip

Which is right?

Mine = Chips/Yours = Fries

Which is right?

Mine = Courgette/Yours = Zucchini

Which is right?

Mine = Aubergine/Yours = Eggplant

Which is right?

Mine = Football/Yours = Soccer

There is no right or wrong way to say or pronounce these words. I say them the same as Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, does. Aussies, Canadians, Americans, Kiwi’s and Brits all have differences but they are NOTHING compared to our bonds of friendship.

I nominate: Anyone who wants to take part.

What way do you say things that differ from what you hear in films?

Three Things Challenge, 26 June 2018 – Pie, Mash and Liquor – a Short Story

The Haunted Wordsmith has done a special British Slang Three Things Challenge!


Today’s things are: nicked, nutter, nosh (stolen, crazy person, food)

I couldn’t resist rising to the challenge. Here is my story.

“That bloke’s a nutter!” someone called out just as I was walking past. So what If I was wearing a pair of Knickers on my head. It’s a free country. What are they gonna do? Call the Coppers and have me nicked? I paid them no mind and carried on walking to the Pie and Mash shop.

Pie, Mash, liquor and Jellied eels were what the doctor ordered. The best nosh you could get for a tenner and no mistake. The Plaistow Pie and Mash shop was one of those traditional spit and sawdust places but they liked to encourage a bit of British eccentricity now and then. On Tuesday’s they gave a half price discount for the person with the silliest outfit. 

I walked in and realised that I wasn’t the only one who’d decided to put a pair of knickers on their head. No one else was wearing fish nets and four-inch high heels though. 

I sauntered up to the counter and gave Angie my best grin. Behind her, I could see her husband Mike staring at me from the Kitchen, through the serving hatch 

He called out “Ok Dave, you win. You can have the Pie and Mash on the house, only next time, for Gawd sake, please wear some underpants.”

The End

Please leave a comment if you’d like me to translate any of the slang used in this story. 🙂