Lunchtime at the Oasis – Flash Fiction

The Canteen loomed before him like an oasis in the desert.

His stomach rumbled noisily, his supervisor ahead of him looked at him and laughed.

He’d been on a strict diet for days and quite honestly he could have eaten the whole canteen, including the stainless steel worktops.

As he stood in the lunch queue, he waited patiently for the line to move.

Then it was his turn and the lady behind the counter, looking glamorous in her hairnet and bright green apron, leaned over and said “What’ll it be, then? Come on, I haven’t got all day, you know.”

He took a deep breath and suddenly the button on the front of his trousers pinged across the room and landed in someone’s cup of tea.

Embarrassed he replied, “Just soup for me please.”

Today’s things are: canteen, lunch, soup