What Do You See? – Is this a Musical?

cat courtships

I have written this poem inspired by this picture in response to the What do you See? Challenge, see link below:

What do you See? June 4/2019

I have also included the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe,

see link here:

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge June 4, 2019

The challenge is to write a poem (or story) with the phrase “Free Me” in it.

So here we go:


As they gathered by the light of the moon,

The Pussycat sang a line from an old Broadway Tune,

Serenading the Tomcat who stood tall on the tiles

From the rooftop, it seemed they could both see for miles.

Then into the night, they heard a loud miaow

Followed by shouting “Please Free Me Right Now”

And dangling beneath them from the gutter

A marmalade alley cat flailed like a nutter.

He shouted again “Oi, don’t act like a dope”

“The least you could do is to throw me a rope”.

It’s not hard to see how these antics inspired

Andrew Lloyd Webber, and how ‘Cats’ transpired.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 4/June/2019






A Purrformance – A poem for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles.


This poem was written for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – See Picture above and link below:


A Purrformance

I leapt, jumped and acted the fool,

Formed a human pyramid

And balanced on a stool.

I stood on someone’s shoulders

Then came tumbling down,

And despite all that effort,

Your face still wore a frown.

Oh, the things we do for love,

Like hiring acrobats

And behaving so ridiculously

Just to entertain our cats.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 01/April/2019




FOWC with Fandango — Fool