Multiple Word Prompt Story – The Balmy Afternoon – Kira’s Sunday Scribbles.

This story was inspired by this drawing by Kira,


And also the following Word Prompts

The sun burned and sizzled above and heat waves rose from the ground blurring the view over the once green valley. The river that cut its way down towards the sea had been reduced to a trickle over bare rocks, rarely seen and washed clean, now baking in the sunshine. It was a balmy day.

The group gathered around in the shade of an enormous Cedartree. There was some respite from the unrelenting sun, some coolness and verdant greenery in that now parched landscape.

Just beyond the tree, the river had meandered and carved out a section that had become an oxbow lake. Just perfect for swimming.

It didn’t take long before everyone had jumped into the pool and started splashing around with abandon.

Olivia jumped out of the pool and gathered up the abandoned clothing. There were only a few socks. They were a group of naturists and nudity was their uniform. Socks protected their feet in their walking boots but the rest of their garments remained rolled up in their backpacks pending the moment when they entered populated areas where their nakedness would cause offence.

Olivia strode gracefully across the meadow, putting up a washing line with all their discarded socks dangling from it like glorious bunting on a parade day. In her hand, she held a clump of earth. She peered into the clump with a fascination that would not be broken. Botany was her passion.

Olivia had discovered a new species of creature that had clung to her leg and wouldn’t let go. She kept it as a pet.

It was a glorious afternoon that no-one from the Naturist Naturalist Group would forget in a long time.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/December/2018

A Tree once stood – A multiple word prompt story.

This story was written in response to Froggy Crochet’s Writing prompt:

and The following word prompts:

The village was like a kicked beehive. People were rushing around not sure what was going on and who to direct their stings at. 

A meeting had been called, under the great Cedar tree. The Cedar was ancient and sprawling. Its branches had provided shade for generations. It had been planted by the founding fathers of their peaceful woodland dwelling who had fled the turbulent world to seek sanctuary. 

All the important meetings took place beneath the tree and the elders gathered with sombre expressions. 

A messenger addressed the gathering. 

“I have seen it with my own eyes. They are building ships and are gathering for War.”

The Chief Elder spoke ” We knew that this day would come. Our founding fathers fled their war but it didn’t end, the war was always pendingThey are building. It is coming. They are making preparations, but not they alone. We are prepared.”

Unfortunately, their enemies had been practising war for centuries and their experience was greater and their depravity knew no depths. 

Not ever the Cedar tree marks the spot where that village once stood.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/December/2018