30-Day Song Challenge – Day 29, Almost at the end.

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Day 29 – A song you remember from your Childhood.

This song is a very old one, written in 1929, nearly 90 years ago. As such, I don’t remember the original recording from childhood, but in the 1980’s Sting, who had been in the band The Police, launched a solo career and recorded a great version of this song. I remember when it came out and I have loved this ever since.

Sting – Spread a Little Happiness.

50 Word Thursday #24 – A trip to the Sea.

Debbie Whittam has set a challenge to write a poem or story in 50 words, or multiples of 50 up to a maximum of 250 words, inspired by a picture and include some particular lines.


I missed it last week because I was on holiday/vacation, so this is the last one I wrote:


Here is this weeks picture.



Here are the words:

The fishing boats had returned from their morning runs; sea creatures of every sort lay atop the metal tables along the ports eastern flank.

Daniel Silva’s The Heist

A Trip to the Sea

As a child, I had always wanted to see the sea. We lived in the mountains, far away, so I had never seen it.

When it was my eighth birthday my parents asked me what I wanted.

“I want to see the sea,” I replied, having no concept of what this would cost.

My parents scrimped and saved and that summer took me on a trip to the nearest port.

The journey took us three days and at that age, it felt like a lifetime, but I will never forget my first sight of that ocean.

I remember staring at the sun glittered on the water like thousands of jewels.

As we drove down to the wharf, the smell of the fish was so pungent in the air, you don’t get smells like that in the mountains.

The fishing boats had returned from their morning runs; sea creatures of every sort lay atop the metal tables along the ports eastern flank.

I gazed fascinated at all the fish and other animals. Then I stopped, stunned and awed at an amazing creature, all rubbery with lots of legs with suckers on them.

“Papa? What on earth is that?” I cried.

My father looked at the expression on my face and burst out laughing.

“That’s an octopus, Son. Don’t you remember we used to read to you ‘Ollie the Octopus’ when you were little?”

“Yeah, But I didn’t know they were so… gory!

My parents laughed about that all the way home.


[250 words]

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/October/2018


I have also included Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt: Gory



Picture of the day – Hadleigh Castle

This picture is of a ruined castle.

This castle is very important to me, not because it was my ancestral home, or anything like that! It just happened that I grew up a short bicycle ride away from it.

Consequently I would spend many hours here.

I had picnics here.

I flew kites here.

I played frisbee here and I remember quite distinctly bringing a boomerang, purchased on a holiday to Australia with my parents, here to play with. It really did turn in the air and then unfortunately smashed into the still solid walls of the castle and snapped in half. Oh well.

The castle itself was built to prevent an invading navy from sailing up the Thames to London. It was apparently never needed.

For those of you who like history and remember that old bluebeard Henry VIII. He actually gave this castle to Anne of Cleves in his divorce settlement. She never lived here though. It was already a ruin even by that time. It meant that she was entitled to the taxes levied on the villages of Hadleigh and Rayleigh.

The castle dates roughly to the 13th century. It was mainly built during the reign of Kind Edward I. (The one known as longshanks and the hammer of the Scots).

In my head of a child, it was surely Camelot and I was one of the Knights of the round table. Or sometimes Merlin the master wizard. You can see, my imagination was rampant even then.

I hope you like this picture.