A Multiple Word Prompt Story – The Awkward Surprise

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Today’s things are: circus, carnival, freak show

The Awkward Surprise

It was his wife’s fiftieth birthday and he had managed to convince her he had forgotten all about it.

When they woke up that Saturday morning, he behaved like there was nothing special about the day ahead.

He’d got up, had a shower, fed the cats and then went to the corner shop to pick up the Saturday paper.

On his way back he quickly accosted the postman who was about to post some birthday cards through their letter box. He took the cards and put them in his coat pocket and only allowed the bills to pass through.

The postman gave him a strange look as he continued on his round.

Hiding round the side of the house he heard his wife open the inner door and pick up the few measly bills and slam the door again.

Stifling a laugh he opened the door with his key and went in.

“Has the mail been love?” he asked, how he kept a straight face, he had no idea.

“Only the gas and electric bills and a letter from the council about the drains, that’s all. I was expecting…”

“What were you expecting?” he asked as innocently as he could.

“Oh, Nothing. Nothing at all” She replied then went into the kitchen and slammed the door.

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Hard times at the Studio – 50 Word Thursday

“Funny little thing, aren’t you?” Chris Hall, A Sextet of Shorts


The Cartoon studio had fallen on hard times.

Budget cuts had to be made.

They closed the studio canteen. No more brunch.

Studio bosses decided to hire out their stars to the Circus.

The Circus owner tutted to himself at the gathering of assorted characters.

“What a collection of misfits,” He thought to himself.

Gazing down at a weird blue creature that sort of looked like a bird, he said “Funny little thing, aren’t you? Well, we’ll try you out on the Sword swallowing, here you go” he handed Gonzo a broadsword that was nearly as tall as he was. “Practise of this.”

Then he came to a bear wearing a hat. The bear jumped in front of him and shouted at full volume “Wacca, Wacca, Wacca!”

The Circus Owner said, “We’ll fire you out of the cannon.”

Next, he came across a feisty pig wearing a dress.

“Do you have something for glamorous Moi?”

“You can be our oracle. That way you can wear a veil.”

Miss Piggy stormed off.

Finally, there were just a frog and a pink panther.

“How are your heads for heights, boys?” He said pointing to a tightrope about a Mile off the ground.


[200 Words]


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Today’s prompt: oracle, brunch, volume


Finish The Story #2 — 07 – The Opening of the Circus



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Finish The Story #2 — 07


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The Opening of the Circus

Gustav had never been to a circus before and when the newspaper announced the opening of the Hippotheatron in 1866, he was ecstatic. There were to be horses, monkeys, and even a …

…… pair of Ostriches! He had only read about them in the books, but if that wasn’t exciting enough by itself there were to be other animals also His father had talked of strange and exotic beasts from far off lands! Barbary lions, Tasmanian tigers and other animals his Father had not heard of either. Oh my this was going to be show, a great great show, possibly the greatest show on earth! Gustav just wasn’t excited about the animals, from what had been read to him there were also going to be the ….

…..greatest collection of freaks he’d ever seen. His Father had spoken about it at length.

When they arrived at the Circus his Father lead him past the rows and rows of seats.

Weren’t they going to sit down? Gustav wondered to himself. He could already smell that animal smell, a bit like the farm he’d grown up on only ten times more powerful.

His father lead him past cages containing some very strange animals. Some that looked like horses but with black and white stripes and another animal with a long neck and brown patches all over it.

Finally, his Father pulled him up to a man wearing a red coat and a top hat, who was twirling two enormous moustaches.

His father spoke “Well, Here he is, your new addition to the freak show. I told you I had the hairiest and ugliest child you’d ever seen. Twenty bucks and he’s yours.”

“Done” The man in the red coat said taking out a huge wadge of cash and counting out twenty dollars.

That was how he joined the circus……



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