Cloud Gazing


Clouds are so ephemeral and intangible and yet they are so important.

A sky without clouds just looks so naked and bare.

The clouds bring the promise of a change in the weather. They bring the much needed rain to areas that need it so desperately you could say they bring life to dying lands.

I remember as a young lad, idling away precious hours just laying on my back on a grassy lawn and looking up at white clouds as they drifted across the sky. They made shapes in the sky and it was fun to imagine the animals, people and countries that these shapes resembled as they split and broke up into smaller parts. A moiety of the cloud, a smaller, lesser fragment would drift and form something else or eventually just evaporate into nothingness.

I don’t have time for those simple moments of idleness. Time gets shorter the older you get and somehow life is too precious now to just lay and look at formless clouds.

A moment of cloud gazing is a precious moment indeed.