A multiple word prompt short story – A Hopeless Romantic






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A Hopeless Romantic

I am a hopeless romantic, it has to be said. I love a bit of romance, but it never works out the way it does in books, does it?

I remember taking this lovely creature to one of the most romantic places I could think of. What could be more romantic than the Hunterian museum in London? It is the museum for the royal college of surgeons and is full of dissected body parts preserved in formaldehyde. What could put you in the mood for love better than staring at someone’s body preserved in a jar?

Well that date didn’t end well.

Then on another date, I took the lucky girl to the Portrait gallery. Unfortunately, I was allergic to her perfume, La Nuit d’amour, which made me sneeze everywhere. If you see a portrait in the gallery with a green mark in the bottom left hand corner, that was me. I also managed to sneeze over her too. So that didn’t work out.

I’ve learned my lesson now, I always take an antihistamine now before heading out on a date, just in case.

On my last date I took her on a spa weekend. Personally, I felt she took offence far too easily. I only said that she could do with something to rejuvenate her? I pointed out that her Crows feet were much more reduced in size after the face peel. Maybe she was just annoyed that I insisted we split the bill when It was clear an invite back to her place was out of the question. I had to dart left pretty sharpish to avoid her slap. As I dodged out-of-the-way she accidentally ended up hitting the Manageress behind me. What a kerfuffle THAT caused. I posted bail for her, but was she grateful? No.

I suppose I am just no good at picking the right girl.

I’ve joined an online dating agency now, so fingers crossed.

I’ve got pretty high standards though.

The End


Disclaimer: This story is totally fictitious, please do not make any assumptions about me from this story 😉

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 09/July/2018

Multiple Word Prompt Story – The African King

The African King

“Will you come away from that computer and eat your dinner, it’s going cold.” Molly shouted upstairs to her teenage daughter.

“I’ll be down In a minute. I’m talking to someone on Social Media. They’re a really important person. A King of somewhere, apparently.” Laura shouted back at her Mother.

It took a little while for the statement to sink in. Did she just say she was talking to a King? On Social Media? It’s bound to be some hoax. I mean it would be too great a fluke to really be talking to an actual King. It must be some kind of trick to get hold of her bank account. They’ll be in for a shock, with the college fees so high, her daughter was so badly In debt there was no money to take. Maybe they’d have pity on her and pay some money in instead.

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An Unlikely Proposal – Poem written for my creative writing class.

For yesterdays creative writing class, I was given the task to write down two random names from a book or a newspaper and given them each a job.

So I wrote down. Carol Austin – A Cabaret Singer and Fred Melrose – a Civil Servant.

Then to write down two different locations.

I wrote down A Mountain and The Jungle.

Then we had to write down some objects. I wrote down:

A wide-brimmed hat

Some sun glasses

A tube of toothpaste

Capri Pants

A Mosquito Net

Then three emotions: I chose Fear; Bravery; Panic.

And an accident: I chose a Snake Bite. 

The exercise was then to write a poem or story using many of these prompts and going from one location to the other.

So without any more introduction, this is the poem that I wrote:


So cool, she sat in jungle setting,

with wide-brimmed hat and Capri pants.

Alone, we were, under mosquito netting,

except, of course for a thousand ants.


Her name was Carol, her job was singing,

and Boy, did she let out a wail.

It scared the snake that held her, clinging,

it bit her leg and then turned tail.


I jumped into action, as was my training,

and shouted loudly for all to hear.

The safari leader came in exclaiming,

“I’ve got the antidote so do not fear.”


But all was not so nice and easy,

the antidote had been left behind,

so, bravely, I rowed us down the Zambesi,

like a mighty Tarzan of the modern kind.


Panicked with fear and paler than white,

Carol looked up with her face full of dread.

As we moored at the jetty, the doctor in sight,

she said “If I survive this, will you marry me, Fred?”


The medicine worked; we were married in June,

It had ended quite well, all being said.

But where shall we go for our honeymoon?

Not to the Jungle, to the Mountains instead.



Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 28/June/2018

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Multiple word prompt story – An Unconventional Upbringing

June 19 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Child of Summer




mouse, sheet music, comedy




I was born into a rather unconventional household. My mother was a particularly quirky lady. Growing up she used to call me her ‘Child of Summer’ which was always a puzzle to me because we lived in the northern hemisphere and I was born in April. April is very much spring, not summer. 

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