In the Spartan Way – A poem.

This is a comedy poem and is in no way supposed to be derogatory or a reflection of historical truth. 


It was the Spartan way,

To be strong and tough and gay.

And in each dell and glade

Their muscles they displayed,

But when Athens’ army called

Their manly bravery stalled

and Athens won the day,

when Sparta bravely ran away.

Now the films recall again

Those strong five hundred men.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 01/October/2018


The Day The Tin Foil Hats Broke – Revealing the truth.


I thought it was time for another outing for this poem I wrote a while back 🙂 




It was something that I’d come to dread

That every thought within my head

would burst from my mouth, as it spoke,

the day the tin foil hats broke.


My Uncle said “What is it son?”

For I had turned quite pale and wan,

my face was screwed up really tight

while my thoughts were picked up by satellite.


“My tin foil hat has broken!” I cried

My Uncle just looked smug and sighed

“Well, Nephew I wouldn’t worry a jot,

with your brain, it’s not going to reveal a lot”.


I had a longing for something that

would keep my thoughts under my hat

My tangled mind, tortured and petty

had spilled its contents like boiling spaghetti.


A tangled jungle of vine and fern,

revealed that I had failed to learn,

my head was empty of meaningful things

but I knew by heart the Lord of the Rings.


Like a boiled egg, my mind was bare

without any useful facts in there,

My Uncle said “Now you have a mission

“you should become a politician”


But still I worried, how could that fly?

When I couldn’t ever tell a lie.

but thankfully, and rather shocking,

a new foil hat was in my Christmas Stocking.


This poem was written for A Guy Called Blokes Challenge, see here:

What’s My Story Then #3

I have also included the following word prompts:

Today’s prompt: nephew, fern, spaghetti








The Incongruous Overture – A Silly Poem

This was originally posted a year ago, but I thought it deserved another airing. 😉 

I hope you find it uplifting


At the Piano, he banged the keys

The audience fell to their knees

It was an Overture most grand

The most bravado piano playing

In all the land.

But something wasn’t quite

The way it should have been, that night.

For while the audience enjoyed the fuss

There was something quite incongruous.

The scene was electric, that’s all right,

But it was quite an awesome sight,

For while they wore scarves and hats,

They were all a bunch of alley cats,

And while it can be said, quite true

That alley cats like music too,

They don’t often like an overture,

There’s something else they much prefer,

Something Jazzy, Sassy, lots of beat,

Something to which they can move their feet.

But this lot sat and watched chief Pussy,

Playing Mendelsohn and then Debussy.

It all seemed like a glorious joke,

Then all of a sudden, I awoke

To the sound of my own cat’s scream,

It had all been a rather silly dream!

As if any cat would listen, acute!

They hate the piano, they prefer the flute.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/December/2018

Kaleidoscopic Mind – A poem written for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles.


This poem was written for Kira’s Sunda Scribbles. If you’d like to take part in this challenge, to write something in response to the picture above, click on the link below:


Kaleidoscopic Mind.


If my head was a kaleidoscope,

My mind it would disclose,

It’s images, some dark, some light,

If you stared right up my nose.


What wonders would you likely see?

What secrets would you find?

It would show you my darkest thoughts,

The times I’d been unkind.


And those times when I’d been really good,

They’d show up as a spray

A glorious eruption of golden fireworks

A coloured light display.


You might see my Ego sitting there,

In a grand and regal pose.

Or my conscience whispering carefully,

Affecting each decision that I chose.


But alas this is not at all the case,

You cannot read my mind,

And If you should stare right up my nose,

Only bogeys you would find.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 11/March/2019


This poem also contains the following Word Prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Regal


Incident by Moonlight – A poem.

Gazing up at the sky,

something hit my eye,

in the middle of the night

I didn’t make a fuss

or swear, or cuss,

but it gave me rather a fright.

It smelt rather fowl,

and came from an owl,

I think it damaged my sight.

I was out of luck

I wasn’t moonstruck

and it fell from a pretty big height.

copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/November/2018