The Investigation Begins – The story continues

This is a continuation of a story I wrote some time ago.

If you would like to read it from the beginning, here is the link

The Investigation Begins

Having agreed to enter into a partnership to solve two murders that had recently taken place, Audrey Patterson got down to business with her new partner, Sir Alfred Thorpe, the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan police.

In her elegantly decorated drawing-room, they sat and discussed tactics.

“So which of the two murders shall we tackle first, my dear?” Asked Alfred Thorpe, taking out his pipe and filling it.

“Personally I’d rather tackle the murder of my maid, Elsie, first. I take it personally that someone should want to murder my maid. She was only a young girl and, in a way, I was as responsible for her as a Mother. Even more so since she didn’t have one. She was a poor orphaned girl and only just turned twenty-one. She’d only been with me a few months, six at the most, but she had nice manners and my Cook liked her, which is saying something” responded Audrey.

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