Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Body In Victorian London.

His body lay in the gutter. He could feel the hard cobblestones, but the discomfort they caused was nothing next to the pain of the wound in his side. Stabbed by a Knife. It was Ironic he should end this way, bleeding to death in the street. The rain washed the blood away and with it, his life ebbed.

He took one last look at the London street, lit by gaslight that guttered in its glass lamp.

It was the last thing he saw. His London.

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A Man with Eclectic Tastes – A silly poem.

Picture from the WordPress free Library – Pexels.


A Man with Eclectic Tastes

His tastes were truly eclectic,

‘though the apartment was rather compact.

It had views of the city, quite hectic

Which made up for the space it so lacked.


On one wall was a painting by Monet,

A copy, but marvellously done,

On another, a Gauguin on display,

With a Pollock, Picasso and Cezanne.


The ceiling was painted bright lilac

The sofa was orange velour

His tastes were quite strange

and I suspected, deranged.

They wouldn’t be copied, I’m sure.


In the bathroom, a mural by Dali

leered out at you from the wall.

I felt a right proper Charlie,

When I screamed at The Scream in the hall.


I admit to feeling unsettled

When he showed me the etchings he’d done

It’s not every day,

You see art done that way,

But I’m sure it will appeal to someone.


Then he uncovered his tattoos

I’m afraid that was the final straw,

When he gave me a wink,

Standing covered in ink,

I just turned and ran out of the door.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 21/September/2018

FOWC with Fandango — Compact