50 Word Thursday #5 – The Results!

In collaboration with Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, I am continuing the 50 word Thursday Challenge that was hosted by Deb Whittam of the blog Twenty Four. Deb has decided to call it a day with the challenge and move on to other things.

Teresa and I both thought it such a shame and have agreed to try keeping it going, taking it in turns to play host.

Here is my post from last Thursday:



Quite a number of people took part and submitted their stories, click on the links below and have a read!


50 Word Thursday — Spring Break


50 Word Thursday —Blasphemous

Something Dreadful Must Have Happened.


50 words Thursdays #5


Thank you to everyone that took part. I even remembered to have a go myself this time.

If you are reading this and want to take part, watch out for the post from The Haunted Wordsmith tomorrow.

Teresa, it’s over to you. 🙂


My 4 Monthiversary. – THANK YOU.

I started my blog on the 7th of March 2018.

Today marks the end of my first 4 months.

What a journey!

I would like to welcome all my recent followers, I hope that you find something you enjoy on my blog.

For those who have been followers for a while, Thank you. I have only kept going for SO LONG because of your support.

I started this journey to share my stories and poems and seek feedback.

I have also made friends with other bloggers.

This has been a far more engaging and positive experience than I expected.

Thank you.


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Visitors: 4,349

Likes: 6,915

Hates: Zero  😉

Comments: 2,216

Most visitors from: USA, India, UK, Canada and Australia.

Total number of posts: 465

Most Views in one day: 252

Current Followers: 283.




Just a little word on the Royal Wedding

I am not one to post anything political. My blog is just a place where I share my stories and poems, so I don’t really make any political points.

I couldn’t let the day pass however without wishing Harry and Meghan all the best for their wedding and I hope they have a lovely life together.

I will be having cake and flying a little flag. The bunting has been got out of the back of the cupboard where it’s been since the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

I am not an obsessive about it though. I won’t be watching all the hours of commentary about what so and so was wearing or who get’s on with whom.

I don’t like to turn the Royals into some kind of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.



Happy Day.

No more to say.


Good luck to them, and you’ll hear no more from me on the subject.


I hope you all have a nice day too.