Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Manifestation of the Truth.

I wrote this story a while ago but thought it deserved another viewing. Although it should come with a warning, it’s not for the fainthearted. 😉

This story was written in response to the following word prompts:

Firstly the three things challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith:

Corpse, Murder, Greenhouse



FOWC with Fandango — Abstract


“I think it is a simple manifestation of some kind of spirit,” he said removing his special ‘ghost detecting’ glasses.

Suzie glared at him “Are you trying to frighten me? What is this manifestation doing in my greenhouse anyway?”

Dr Finklefoss detected the aggression in her voice and rightly put it down to a response from feeling anxious. Fear of the supernatural was a common thing. He experienced it every day among the ill-educated and narrow-minded people he was forced to deal with.

He preferred working with the spirits rather than the living. Dead people were much easier to get on with.

“I would suspect that the murder took place in your greenhouse and that would explain why tools and plants get thrown around and why your glass panes are frequently broken. It will explain why there is a distinct cold zone in the middle of it too. This is where the poor young woman was killed.”

If she’d been anxious before, the look she gave him now was positively terrified.

“What murder, what are you talking about?” she shouted.

“You hired me to find out why you were getting these strange occurrences? Surely you must have suspected a supernatural reason and yet now you are acting like I am lying to you. She cannot harm you. All she wants is to tell us what happened to her. She is going to lead me to where her corpse is buried. She only wants the truth.”

Dr Finklefoss followed the spirit as it led him on a long and abstract path through the woods.

Suzie followed some way behind, her steps were strangely laboured.

As the spectral form stopped above a mound of disturbed earth, Dr Finklefoss realised that this spirit had not been dead that long at all. The spirits face distorted, a look of shock and fear marred the young girls face. She pointed behind him in warning, but it was too late. He felt the hard whack of the iron shovel as it caved in the back of his head. Then nothing.

Suzie dropped the shovel and watched the man bleed to death. A cold smile curled the corner of her lips. “There are some truths that I’d rather were kept hidden, thank you, Doctor.”

She returned to the house and resumed the identity of her wealthy sister, who no one suspected had a twin sister kept locked away in an institution. Well, she’d been locked away until last week, anyway and now she was enjoying herself for the first time in ages.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24/October/2018

Beachwalking – A poem for Kreative Kue


This poem was written in response to the Kreative Kue challenge by Keith Channing on his blog, Keith Kreates, see his post here:



I walk along the beach at dawn

Wandering freely without much care

Of where I place each foot, forlorn

And heavy, wondering why I linger there.


I glance to see a foggy tendril

A whispering ghost of gossamer wing

I hear a voice, I stand and tremble,

It is my name the Angels Sing.


There, by the sea, a corpse is lying,

I rush to help, too late, and yet

I give a breath, then stop trying

My eyes fall upon a piece of Jet.


The blackest stone of mourning loss

I see its glimmer and watch it shine.

This gem reveals much with its gloss.

The Gem and body, both are mine.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/March/2019


I have also included the following prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Corpse


50 Word Thursday #30 – Family Ties.

Debbie Whittam sets this challenge every Thursday, to write a poem or story in 50 words, or multiples of 50 up to a maximum of 250 words, inspired by a picture and include some particular lines.

This is the story I wrote last week:


“She discovered it by accident on her fourth day at the lake.” –
Mary Kay McComas’ His Brother’s Keeper

Family Ties

She’d taken her summer vacations there. The beach and the lake, the old train station, the memories of her family came flooding back.

This was where, ten years ago, her brother had disappeared. Something inside her drove her back here. Some inner quest.

She discovered it by accident on her fourth day at the lake. It was a decaying, putrescent corpse.
She let out a scream. There were other people at the lake. One came over and put a towel around her shoulders.

She turned and said, “I think he’s dead”. As she said it, she realised how fatuous her comment had been. Of course, he’s dead, there’s nothing deader than a rotted body!

She passed out. When she came too, she was lying on the floor of a cell.

A guard dragged her to a desk and into a chair.

The uniformed man sitting opposite glared at her with cold blue eyes.

“We’ve managed to get some DNA checks done. Your DNA matches the corpse. I suspect he was your brother. Our witness said you told her ‘He’s Dead’. How did you know the body was male? The body was far too decomposed. So, you’ve come back to the scene of your crime, haven’t you?”

She felt the weight lift from her shoulders as she confessed. She’d always hated him, but crushing his throat with her hands had brought no pleasure. Her parents never got over the death of the son who they’d always loved more than their daughter.

[250 words]

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 06/December/2018

I have also included the following word prompts: