3.2.1 Quote me! – Imagination

I have been nominated for this Quote me Challenge by my Blogging Pal, Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess, Thanks, Beckie 🙂

3.2.1 Quote Me! ~ Imagination

Guidelines: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

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This world is but a canvas to our imagination. - Henry David Thoreau


“I believe that it is in our Imaginations alone, that Humans were created in the image of their creator.”

– Kristian Fogarty.


I nominate:

Anyone who’d like to have a go. Let your imaginations flow 🙂


A New Collaboration By Beckie of “Beckie’s Mental Mess” and Kristian of “Tales From The Mind of Kristian” ~ The Creation

red moon during nighttime

Picture Credit: Unsplash ~ Nick Owuor


Last week I collaborated on a poem with Beckie, of Beckie’s Mental Mess and it worked out beautifully. We kept passing the poem between us, each adding a couple of lines. If you want to read the final result click on the link below:



This is how Beckie started us off:

A Collaboration By Beckie of “Beckie’s Mental Mess” and Kristian of “Tales From The Mind of Kristian” ~ The Creation ~

“Hello, Folks!  Kristian and I had a great deal of fun working on a collaborative poem we wrote last weekend called “In Search of Happiness” – We both were delighted that so many of you enjoyed our process, that we decided to give it another go at it.   As we are continents away from one another, there will be gaps of time between turns.”


Beckie’s start:

Hmm? I search for inspiration, a muse perhaps,

but, I am diverted by daydreams and visions

My Addition:

To the heavens, I gaze, seeking light in star-strewn maps,

No inspiration can come from the Earth’s mundane divisions. 


Beckie’s next bit:

I doodled the constellations, my pen in hand taps…

A new blank page emerges, I’m rendered by indecision.

My addition:

As I ponder stars whilst watching the world collapse, 

mindless human beings stare at me with stark derision. 


From Beckie:

Though I might be ridiculed I refuse to react,

my plan is to concentrate, not swayed by my inhibitions.


From me:

It is always the true visionaries that, by fools, are attacked,

who disregard the wonderous glory of the heavens. 

From Beckie:

Oh, my goodness, heaven was the last thing I remembered before I dozed off and napped.

I awakened refreshed and renewed, my creativity strengthened.


From me.:

Something in my whirring, wondering brain has snapped, 

A light bulb moment of inspiration as the morning shadows lengthened. 


Beckie’s next bit:

At that precise instant, the sunrise shone, a new concept had unwrapped.

Alas, natures divine light gave my ideas wings, I felt enlightened.


And my next addition:

The brilliance of my new creative view made me feel enrapt

the darkness of the past lifted, the future’s looking brightened. 


From Beckie:

Outside my window, the scenery made an impressive impact

the myriad of greens, skies of periwinkle blue, I was positively delighted.

My Bit:

Can there ever possibly be, although far too many people detract,

a greater creative inspiration than that which nature has ignited?


Beckie’s bit:

How does a soul not be inspired once nature and themselves make contact?

Questions ponder as I wonder, pen taps feverishly, I simply can’t fight it.


My addition:

Surrendering to the waves of brilliant thought, I finally begin to act,

the ideas flow from pen to page and with avid purpose, I write it. 


Beckie’s next bit:

Off in the distance, the lake reveals ducks mingling and swimming, exchanging quacks.

Searching for their mates, they’re ready to commit.

My Bit,

Just the very thing I need to let my frantic flailing mind relax, 

Having written and created, inspired by natures beauty, I’m ready to submit.


A rather saucy addition from Beckie:


Yet, the mating ritual of ducks is like watching nymphomaniacs,

I ponder and scan the landscape, I don’t want to give up and quit.

And from me:

The pandemonium of flying feathers stops my thinking in its tracks,

and true creativity comes only when we don’t think but start to feel it.


Beckie’s lines:

I get up, close the windows, to block the sound of flapping maniacs,

and sit back down at my desk, and let out a sigh.  It’s finally time, I admit.


My last bit:


The final point of creation comes and writing flows from the mind into waiting paperbacks,

As for every story, there’s a start and a middle and finally, pressing print, the end bit. 


So, do you think this is the end? or would you like to add the final lines, Beckie?


A Collaboration By Beckie of “Beckie’s Mental Mess” and Kristian of “Tales From The Mind of Kristian” ~ The Creation ~











50 Word Thursday – When Time Dies.


the words: “Ellen tended to be insecure and worried. And it seemed as if in recent years she had mostly worried about losing her looks.” – Michael Crichton – Jurassic Park.


As Ellen poked the fire, a worried expression creased her once beautiful face. Ellen tended to be insecure and worried. And it seemed as if in recent years she had mostly worried about losing her looks. Keith noticed her frown and knew from experience exactly what was bothering her.

“Look on the bright side,” said Keith, trying to be helpful, “At least there aren’t any mirrors any more.” He smiled to take out any sting in his words.

It had been twelve long years since the bombs had been dropped, nearly wiping out all of creation. Society had regressed back to the stone age. Now they eked out an existence hunting the remaining animals and using their hides to protect them from the long, cold winters. Day after day of the same constant struggle for survival, it seemed like time itself, as with so many lives, had been totally extinguished.


[150 Words]

This story was written for the 50 Word Thursday Challenge, click below if you want to take part:


You have until Wednesday if you’d like to take part in this challenge, then all the entries will be published and a new challenge will be posted on Thursday.


I have also included the following word prompts:




An Elfchen Challenge – A new creation.

My pal, Mel of the blog Crushed Caramel, has tagged me in a new challenge. See her post below:


Like Mel, I had not heard of an Elfchen. I flippantly thought it was what you got when you crossed an Elf with a Munchkin, possibly with a bit of Oompaloompah thrown in for good measure.

person holiday people cute
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Well, if you’d like an excellent explanation of what an elfchen actually is, click on Mel’s post, she explains it beautifully and wrote a lovely one to demonstrate.

Here is my attempt:



Create something

Worthy of adulation.

A tribute to God’s



I think that meets the requirements, and I am also quite chuffed that I have managed to include three of today’s daily prompts. I couldn’t hope for better. (Oh there goes a fourth 😉 )

I have just realised that this is also the challenge for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday’s Writing Challenge! Click the link below if you’d like to take part:

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