I’ve been nominated for another Award!


I would like to give a huge thank you to Teresa, the Haunted Wordsmith, for nominating me for this great award that she created.


She isn’t just a brilliant author who writes some truly creative tales but is also an inspiring blogger who has created a number of challenges. A constant innovator and encourager. Thank you, Teresa.

This award is unique because it contains no rules, you do not have to do anything, answer questions, tell your secrets or nominate anyone else if you don’t want to.

It is great to have the freedom to accept an award and not have to do anything.

I would actually like to nominate Teresa herself because she created this award, it’s unlikely she would receive it herself, but she truly deserves the Creative Mind Award because she has a creative mind.

I would also like to nominate The Dark Netizen.



Thank you 🙂


The New Creative Mind Award – Created by The Haunted Wordsmith (and she nominated me, I’m SO Proud).



Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith has created two new awards, one for blogs that are full of creative writing posts, the Creative Mind Award, and another, the From the Heart award for bloggers who primarily focus on personal stories. 

AND She NOMINATED ME!!!! For one of the Creative Mind Awards.

I AM SO chuffed. Thank You Haunted Wordsmith, I am so over joyed. 


How is this award different? It comes with no rules, you don’t have to answer 20 questions and nominate 20 more blogs, or reveal 20 facts about yourself.

It therefore doesn’t take ages to respond to.

It is just an award that shows you are appreciated and as such, I am thrilled.

The only hard part is thinking of blog to pass it on to, because I admire so many. 

As there is a separate award for blogs that write personal stories, I will concentrate on other creative writers.

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