The Incongruous Overture – A Silly Poem

This was originally posted a year ago, but I thought it deserved another airing. 😉 

I hope you find it uplifting


At the Piano, he banged the keys

The audience fell to their knees

It was an Overture most grand

The most bravado piano playing

In all the land.

But something wasn’t quite

The way it should have been, that night.

For while the audience enjoyed the fuss

There was something quite incongruous.

The scene was electric, that’s all right,

But it was quite an awesome sight,

For while they wore scarves and hats,

They were all a bunch of alley cats,

And while it can be said, quite true

That alley cats like music too,

They don’t often like an overture,

There’s something else they much prefer,

Something Jazzy, Sassy, lots of beat,

Something to which they can move their feet.

But this lot sat and watched chief Pussy,

Playing Mendelsohn and then Debussy.

It all seemed like a glorious joke,

Then all of a sudden, I awoke

To the sound of my own cat’s scream,

It had all been a rather silly dream!

As if any cat would listen, acute!

They hate the piano, they prefer the flute.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/December/2018

Dreaming of Fairies

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This poem was written for the Music Monday’s Challenge and the Tuesday Writing Challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe. You can tell I am a bit behind but catching up slowly 😉

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge April 9, 2019

The Challenge was to write a poem or story containing the words “Blurred Thoughts”.



Blurred thoughts from a mind’s torment

I feel a wave of calm content

As magic and music’s melody,

Softly washes over me.

Lapping at my conscience, keen,

from Shakespeare’s play, I glimpse a scene

A fairy tale, a fantasy theme

Transported into a Midsummer Nights Dream.