Some Saturday Happy Music

I have been posting about some songs on my Happy Playlist, music that is guaranteed to life my mood and make me feel happier.

I have two songs for you today that probably fit in the Pop Country genre….

The first one is probably more suitable for a Weekday but I love playing it first thing on a Saturday morning because if gives me lots of energy to do the stuff that I want to do and it reminds me that I don’t have to go to work.

Dolly Parton: 9 to 5. What a great upbeat song, which is strange when you think about the lyrics. I think there is something so wonderfully happy about Dolly herself. She is such a positive force.

And the second piece of music was something that I didn’t really know that well until a few years back it was used for an advert in the UK and I fell in love with the song. It always makes me feel positive and awakened to a world of possibility.


The Bellamy Brothers – Let your love flow. Such a great song.

Well whatever your plans for today. I hope you have a great Weekend.