In Velvet Dreams – A Nostalgic Ghostly Tale

As you may know, I am currently taking a break, but wanted to share some of my earliest posts with you, that you may have missed. 

This was the first ghost story I ever wrote on the 5th of April.

Quite appropriate now we are in October and Halloween is approaching. 

All the best 🙂 


In Velvet Dreams

He couldn’t believe it. The House of his dreams. Ever since he was a little boy, he always wanted one of those grand Victorian houses, like the one in Mary Poppins. With the house prices in London sky high he could see his dream getting further and further away.

He worked as a freelance journalist and so money was not flowing and sometimes the stream dried up completely for a short time. He had just come to the end of a lucrative contract and he had saved every penny, living mainly on baked beans just so he could get the biggest deposit he could. He was quite lucky in that his Uncle owned the flat he lived in, in Clapton, and so he paid minimal rent.

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Freedom of Expression Tag: HOPE

I have been nominated by Adi, at The Rendezvous Club, please check out her blog, and her poem about Hope, here:

Thank you very much for nominating me for this. 🙂

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I am generally an optimistic kind of person and so ‘hope’ is something that resonates with me. I was looking about for a bit of inspiration and came across this post that really sums up what Hope is all about.

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future. - Robert H. Schuller

I would add that having Hope is the second step in creating a brighter future.

Firstly you have to Dream. You have to have a dream of what you want in life. What you want to achieve and how you want your world to change.

Secondly, you have to Hope. Hope that your dreams will come true.

Thirdly, you have to acquire Confidence in yourself and draw on Energy and with a bit of Wisdom and Knowledge you can surely turn your hopes and dreams a reality.

The pessimists amongst you may think what a load of rubbish, but I’d say try it first, then you can moan and criticise.

Why haven’t I achieved it all? Sometimes you don’t know what your dreams are or you lack the confidence. That was me, but I think I am getting there, now.

I hope I make it. 🙂 I hope you do too. 😉

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The Britchy One

Thunk Thoughts And Things I’ve Learned This Week

Word Prompt – Dreams like Satin (A Villanelle style poem)

I sit beneath the trees of green

the cool dark shade beneath the leaves

and think of all that I have seen.


The blissful joy of loves new dream

Like a magic spell the heart weaves

I sit beneath the trees of green.


I ponder what life could have been

before lying satin tongue’s deceive

I think of all that I have seen.


The tears have washed my body clean

but still a while my heart grieves.

I sit beneath the trees of green.


Could I have known the unforeseen?

the heart denies what eyes perceive

I think of all that I have seen.


Asleep I slide on satin dreams

what lies the heart and mind believes

as I sit beneath the trees of green

and think of all my eyes have seen.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 02/June/2018


Picture by Pexels.

A Queen Dream

What’s in a name – the stork’s been! 🥂


As you may be aware Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has just given birth to a little baby boy. We are still speculating about the name. My feeling is that they will call it Albert Phillip. I may be wrong. As I pointed out to my friend whose blog post I have linked to above. I have heard no rumours and I have no insider knowledge. Although I have a frequently recurring dream that not only have I met the Queen (which I haven’t) but we are the best of friends. 

The dreams started about fifteen years ago. One evening without warning I settled into sleep only to have my first dream by royal appointment. 

It just involved being asked to enter a very ornately decorated room. There seated in a comfortable looking chair sat the Queen. I suppose I should specify that I mean, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain (cue the trumpets).

In the dream she is very smiley and pleasant and asks me to sit down in the chair opposite her. She then offers me tea and cake (would be rude to refuse) and we have a lovely, pleasant discussion about the problems of the day. 

I remember waking up feeling like I had had a Royal encounter. 

Then I had several similar dreams, including one where the Queen invited me to sit down at her very grand Grand Piano and play her a tune. I should point out that although I can play the piano, I am by no means sufficiently proficient to perform for Royalty, or indeed any audience beyond a few kindly meaning relatives. I remember it was after the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret had died and she said to me (in the dream) that the Piano hadn’t been played much since her death. In my dream I gave her an excellent rendition of some Chopin that in real life I would have made a complete fudge of. 

More recently I had a dream whereby I accompanied the Queen, as a friend, to a public event. I remember following her up onto a podium where a band promptly played the British National Anthem (God Save the Queen) which it has to be said is rather a dull pedestrian affair, not stirring like the French Marseillaise or the US national anthems. The Dream Queen leaned over to me as the band was playing and confidingly said “I don’t really like this tune at all”. Then she gave me a wink!

One day I suppose I should speak to a dream expert about these night-time regal assignations with our dearly loved monarch, or perhaps even a psychiatrist. 

In the meantime though, they are rather fun. She serves very nice tea and scones.




Sometimes it seems my dreams

are beyond glass screens

They are so high and so wide

I can’t push them aside.


These tantalising dreams

You can hear my screams

the frustration’s too much

To see and not to touch.


I gather together

like armoured leather

my strengh and resolve anew

and try to run through.


I rebound from the wall

bruised yet I stand tall

the dreams taunt me alas

through this great wall of glass.


I glance down at the ground

at this Mallet, I’ve found

the mallet made from my skill

Iron hard like my will.


Forcefully I make my door

Glass shards crash to the floor

and with triumphant screams

lovingly embrace my dreams.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 22/April/2018


Daily Prompt: Mallet