Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Body In Victorian London.

His body lay in the gutter. He could feel the hard cobblestones, but the discomfort they caused was nothing next to the pain of the wound in his side. Stabbed by a Knife. It was Ironic he should end this way, bleeding to death in the street. The rain washed the blood away and with it, his life ebbed.

He took one last look at the London street, lit by the gas lamps that produced a flickering uneven light.

It was the last thing he saw. His London.

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A Pirate’s Life – A Poem

Well, It’s a bit late, but I have finally risen to the challenge set by Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, to write something about a Pirate in honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

See here:

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Recruitment Drive!

So here is my poem about A Pirate’s Life.


They say a pirate’s life is great,

But let me tell you, my shipmate,

That it’s not a jot

as great a lot

As some would say, of late.


Oh, there’s plenty o’ rum, that true,

But you have to share with the crew,

And they all reek and smell,

It’s like living in hell,

It’s not worth the gold you accrue.


No, ’tis a terrible life despite,

All the spoils that come in a fight,

So, I couldn’t care less,

It was under duress,

That I became a pirate that night.


As I sail these seven seas,

Wi’ me pants around me knees,

And a sword that’s very curvy,

I’ve got a touch of scurvy,

And I’m completely covered in fleas.


The End