50 Word Thursday #23 – The Results

Well, another week has just flown by! The 50 Word Thursday challenge has come to an end. Click on the link to see the post:


The rules were to write a story or poem based on the picture and containing certain words. It had to be in multiples of 50 words up to a maximum of 250 words.

Here is the picture:


And the Words:  “she added, hopefully, “how many things with angels on them are there here?” – Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

So, now it’s time to reflect on the results. I have to say that again we have a truly eclectic mix of stories. Here are all the entries:




50 Word Thursday — Gifts of the Gods




I apologise if I have missed anyone off, I did have an issue with not getting some pingbacks come through. If I missed it, post a link to your entry in the comments below.

I thoroughly recommend reading the short stories above, and maybe I can tempt you to have a go at this challenge in future?

Look out for the next 50 Word Thursday Challenge, this week hosted by Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith.




FOWC with Fandango — Reflect



Multiple word prompt story – Red Hair.


As he sat at the kitchen table, drinking the hot chocolate that his mother had made him, he thought about what his friends had said.

It had started out as just a normal game of catch but then they’d started calling him names. He was born with bright red hair. No one else in his family had red hair. His mother’s hair was light brown and his father’s had been blonde before it had fallen out.

They had played together many times but today Gavin had pointed at his hair and shouted “Carrots!” Then the others joined in.

He ran home crying. His mother had just sat him down and made him some hot chocolate.

Wiping her hands on her apron, she sat down next to her little boy.

“So, what upset you? Tell Mummy all about it” She coaxed.

He told her about them calling him names.

“You don’t think I’m ugly because I’ve got red hair, do you?”

“No, I don’t and I don’t think they do either, they just latched on to that because they wanted to feel superior to you. The best thing you can do is to go out there and let them see it doesn’t bother you. When they realise you aren’t upset, they’ll stop it soon enough.”

“But why am I the only boy with red hair?”

“There are plenty of redheads in the world, you just haven’t seen them and neither have they. Do you think God created us with just brown hair? He has a far more eclectic mind than that. People have lots of different coloured hair, some as black as soot and others a pale as moonlight. All different, and yet also the same.”

“What colour hair do you admire the most?”

“Your Father had fair hair, the colour of a wheat-field ready for harvesting when I first knew him. That’s probably my favourite. Anyway, I can’t sit here jabbering on all morning. You finished your Chocolate?”

“Yes, Mum.”

“Well go out and play dear. Go on, Skedaddle.”


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/February/2019



FOWC with Fandango — Eclectic



A Man with Eclectic Tastes – A silly poem.

Picture from the WordPress free Library – Pexels.


A Man with Eclectic Tastes

His tastes were truly eclectic,

‘though the apartment was rather compact.

It had views of the city, quite hectic

Which made up for the space it so lacked.


On one wall was a painting by Monet,

A copy, but marvellously done,

On another, a Gauguin on display,

With a Pollock, Picasso and Cezanne.


The ceiling was painted bright lilac

The sofa was orange velour

His tastes were quite strange

and I suspected, deranged.

They wouldn’t be copied, I’m sure.


In the bathroom, a mural by Dali

leered out at you from the wall.

I felt a right proper Charlie,

When I screamed at The Scream in the hall.


I admit to feeling unsettled

When he showed me the etchings he’d done

It’s not every day,

You see art done that way,

But I’m sure it will appeal to someone.


Then he uncovered his tattoos

I’m afraid that was the final straw,

When he gave me a wink,

Standing covered in ink,

I just turned and ran out of the door.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 21/September/2018



FOWC with Fandango — Compact