Tell the Story – Our Local Hero.


Ok. So it may not be what comes to mind for you when I mention a Multiple Person Transport Vehicle, but believe me, after going to the effort of walking from the Villages into the nearest town for work, you are grateful for anything.

This vehicle was integral to the life of several villages. The Man who drove it was a local hero.

A few times a year he would also take groups of people on day trips, he never took anything for these journeys. He would accept nothing but our smiles and our gratitude.

Heroes don’t have to have special powers, to be able to fly or climb tall buildings. They just have to make a difference, to make people’s lives a bit better. Like he did.


This story was written for a Tell The Story challenge that Mel of Crushed Caramel, Tagged me in.

Thank you, Mel 🙂

I wanted to write something to match the picture that would also be an uplifting story. I hope I have done that.

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Wisdom from a Fool.

Life; what you get out of it is

Integral to the amount of effort you put into it.

There are other factors that have an effect, but this one is fundamental and the only one we have any real control over.


Wisdom is easier to say than impart.


A Wise man will listen to a fool but a fool will not listen to a wise man.