100 Word Story – Good Manners.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The little boy wandered into the bar gazing wondrously up at the display of umbrellas.

He was enraptured by them, living in a land with barely any rain.

He always thought of umbrellas as the quintessential appendage of an English Gentleman. His grandfather often spoke of English Gentlemen and their good manners and He’d always wanted to become one.

“How much for one of your umbrellas?” he asked the barman.

“They’re not for sale, they’re just decoration” replied the barman.

His grandfather came over laughing, “You don’t need an umbrella to have good manners, just say please and thank you.”

[100 Words]


And I couldn’t help sharing this little song that my Grandfather sang to me.


21 September 2018


Picture of the day – An English Country Garden

Yesterday I posted a picture of the Japanese garden in Holland Park London.

I pointed out that a Japanese garden is very different from an English garden, but they both were beautiful. They both had the ability to reach out to people, to inspire them and to reconcile their differences.

Today I post a picture of a typical English cottage garden.

This is the garden of the Victorian Author, Thomas Hardy. He grew up in this cottage, in Dorset, and the garden is maintained very much as it would have looked to him.

An English Cottage garden usually has a mixture of shrubs and flowers and herbs and vegetables, all intermingling. It is a very natural looking garden, but for those of you who like neatness and order, this isn’t the garden for you.

It is a practical garden, and a beautiful one.