Some Afternoon Reading for You – My Fantasy Story Part 11

This is the next instalment of the fantasy story I wrote many years ago. 

I still haven’t got a title for it, so if you can think of a good one, let me know in the comments. 🙂 
If you would like to read it from the start, this is the first part:

Part Eleven

Lara, Bethra, Augustus, David and Piotr Drake were all standing in an austere antechamber, somewhere within the imposing military keep of Savarias. The plain grey Limestone walls and stone floors added to the feeling of stark grimness. The only decoration was a large tapestry that covered one wall and depicted a gruesome battle scene. Roughly dressed foot soldiers with red capes stormed the mounted cavalry of the old Imperial forces. A man wearing the robes of a Red High Mage was depicted being impaled on a pike. The scene was propaganda to show the victory of the Red People’s Army over the old Imperial Regime that had been allied with the Red Magehood. The events it depicted occurred over twenty years ago in the great rebellion. The tapestry did nothing to lighten the atmosphere of the room. There were no windows to let in light, the only light came from a lit torch that sputtered in a wall mounted sconce. 

Lara turned to Augustus Caraffi “Augustus, what is the law in Savarias regarding Mages?”

“As far as I was aware the law stated that a Mage could pass through Savarias but the practice of magic is strictly forbidden.”

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