No Peaceful Rest – An Espionage Poem.

This poem was written for the Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge:

Today’s genre: Espionage (the classic international spy novel)



It had been a top-secret exercise,

To assassinate that troublesome royal,

Keeping his mouth shut seemed to be most wise,

Bodies all look the same, buried in soil.


All that was done, was done for the best,

And now to disappear into the night,

For the worlds top spy, there’s no peaceful rest.

In espionage, there’s no wrong or right.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 21/March/2019


This poem also contains the following word prompts:


Secret Liaisons – Tell the Story Challenge 2

Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove has tagged me in a Tell the Story Challenge! I do love these competitions, but it’s funny how you get a flurry and then nothing for a while and then, today three turn up. I will be doing them all. Please see the post from Cyranny below:

Time to go…. (Tell me a story)

Here is the picture:


Here is the story:

He glanced again and the piece of paper in his hand. Jean-Paul reread the address, written in that familiar hand. “Rue Sainte-Felicite,” it said.

He was hoping she would be here, but there was no sign.

He pulled up the cuff of his trench coat and glanced at the watch. It was Midnight. That was the allotted time, but where was Francoise? He longed to see her again, after so many months he had spent abroad.

He pulled back down his cuff. The wind was icy and chill but nothing like as bad as Moscow had been. If he’d had to endure another Russian winter he would have despaired entirely. Then, at last, he had received orders to return to Paris. He had returned from the cold, in more ways than one.

“All is forgiven.” The missive said.

He had been working hard and couldn’t wait to tell Francoise all he knew, but he would be coy. Let her prise it out of him. She had ways to get what she wanted out of a man. Let her use those skills on him for a change.

But where was she?

He glanced down at some graffiti scrawled on the power outlet, then he smiled.

The symbol of his espionage unit caught his eye and beneath, in intelligible letters, the code that told him what he had to do. ‘Clever’ he thought to himself. They would have meant nothing to anyone else but him. Francoise was playing her cards very close to her chest. He hoped to join them very soon.

As he lit his cigarette, he turned and walked off into the night, in the direction of the Gare du Nord.

Moments later, a woman emerges from the shadows. A look of intense amusement flashed across her perfect features. She reaches into her handbag and pulls out a small handgun and removes the safety. Refastening the bag, she pulls her sleeve down to hide the gun, then walks off in the direction the man had gone.

The End


I hope you enjoyed this story. It was a little different.


So who shall I tag for the next challenge?

How about

Kristian from Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

Dr Tanya of Salted Caramel

and Michele Jones

Now, don’t feel under any pressure. If it’s not something you want to do, or you are busy, don’t feel you have to. Just write something if you feel like it.

Here is the Picture I am choosing for you:


Have fun. 🙂