Limerick Challenge – Life Reflections.

I was reflecting on life in general and I realised that when you think about it, it’s all totally absurd! You have to laugh at life and learn not to take it so seriously and where better than to take part in a limerick writing challenge.

So here is a challenge hosted by Esther Chilton on her blog, click on the link below to take part.

The Challenge was to write a limerick containing the word ‘Back’. So here is my attempt:

You can reflect on your life and your lack,
but nothing can come from this tack,
There’s one thing that’s so true
each day brings something new
and in life, you can never go back.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03rd January 2022


A Limerick – A Gift

Esther Chilton has posted a challenge to write a limerick with the word GIFT.

Click on the link to her post below to take part in her challenge:

and here is my attempt:

The other day I received a gift,

I thought would give me a much needed lift

but when opened, I saw

it was actually for next door

and Boy!, was I really miffed!

Written by Kristian Fogarty 5th April 2021.

Limerick – Chocolate Cravings

Esther Chilton has posted a challenge to write a Limerick with the word Screech in it.
Click on the link to see her post:


So here is my attempt:


A lesson in weight-loss I thought I’d teach,

but then I heard an almighty screech,

I ran into the kitchen

and saw her cravings were itching,

I’d put the chocolate up way out of reach. 


grayscale photo of person screaming
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on

Have a nice day. 🙂


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 29th June 2020


The Day it Happened – Written for Esther Chilton’s competition

Esther Chilton has issued an invitation for people to submit a short story beginning with the line “I didn’t know what had happened. Not at first. And then I knew.” 

Click on the link below if you want to take part.


The Day it Happened


I didn’t know what had happened. Not at first. And then I knew.

It had started so innocently, the sun shone through the chink in the bedroom curtains almost like a nagging partner informing me that I should have been out of bed hours ago.

I untangled myself from the duvet that as usual, I’d wrapped myself up in for comfort.

Time to start another day. Another day like all the others, and yet how wrong I was.

This was not like any other. This was unique.

I went downstairs and turned on the kettle to make my morning beverage, slave to my caffeine fix, to give me some motivation that I could not conjure up without.

With a touch of shame, I drew back the curtains in the front room almost expecting a neighbourhood committee standing there tutting at the late hour, but there was no one.

Not a soul.

Not one of the many dog walkers who usually used the road as a cut-through on the way to the park. Not one of the usual joggers, skaters, cyclists or other keep-fit fanatics taking their daily exercise, making me feel like I should be joining them. No one enjoying this sunny day. 

A wave of intuition came over me. I felt the compulsion to switch on the television and in doing so I joined the rest of the world who were already glued to the screen watching the events unfold.

I had been oblivious, wrapped up in my own self, a symptom of my mental state but the world had been busy while I wasn’t looking.

There was an expression on the news announcers face that told far more than her words could. The talks had broken down. Those peace summits that people cling to like the man hanging off a cliff reaching out for a blade of grass. He knows the grass will not save him, yet he reaches out for it anyway, desperate. No one had expected them to work and yet now those expectations had been fulfilled, it was like a hammer blow.

It was the smell of the burnt toast that broke me from my entranced staring at the screen.

I was on the way to the kitchen when it had happened. The blinding flash and the force of air that knocked me flat on my back.

As I came to, I didn’t know what had happened. Not at first. And then I knew.

As my consciousness began to fade, I knew.

This was the day it happened. The button had been pressed.


By Kristian Fogarty


A Limerick – Gaze at the Moon

illustration of moon showing during sunset
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Esther Chilton on her blog has posed the challenge to write a Limerick based on the prompt: MOON

Here is the link if you want to have a go too:


Here is my attempt:

“As I lay in the grass, all content
The night winds appearing God-sent
I gaze up at the moon
and start to assume
that some bugger has stolen my tent.”


And if you like this one you may like this poem I wrote a while ago called Moongazing:


A Tale in 20 Words – Caught in the Act

This story was written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge, see link below:

Today’s genre: School Story 


This story was also written for Esther Chilton’s Challenge to write a story in 20 words!


Well here you go:


The schoolgirls froze like Ice before the thaw.

Miss Huntley had the power was to catch troublemakers and deliver justice.


I have also included the following word prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Power


On New Year’s Resolutions

Happy Monday. Now the holiday season is truly over, some of you may have been clinging on to the holiday spirit for as long as possible, but by now, most people have gone back to work and most children have gone back to school.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed my Christmas but I am also really pleased to go back to my normal routine.

Something that often crops up at this time of year are New Year’s Resolutions. Those promises we make to ourselves, our friends and the world at large to try to be a better person, to give up something, to be healthier, or to take more time to appreciate things.

Esther Chilton has challenged people to write a poem about their new year resolutions. Click here for the link:

Well, I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, and I have written a very short poem about that instead.

I don’t make resolutions,
I find it’s best all ’round.
It makes for fewer confusions,
when I break my word, I’ve found.
It may be a big tradition,
but I find I feel more free,
if rather than vow to change my ways,
I just go on being me.

So, have you made any new years resolutions? Let me know what they are in the comments.

Also why not click on the link and have a go at Esther’s challenge.

Happy January. 🙂

A challenge: Falling for Blue Eyes.

Esther Chilton of Esther Chilton blog has issued a challenge. See here:

Anyone can take part in the challenge, why not click on the link and have a go. Say hi from me. 🙂

The Challenge is to write something inspired by this picture. Where does the staircase lead it, who could be walking on it?

Here is my story:

She stood at the top of the grand staircase dressed immaculately in a figure-hugging dress that showed to the world that even though she had reached a certain age, she still had it. 

Her makeup had been done carefully to highlight her expressive eyes yet hide the wrinkles forming around them. Her hair had been dyed a shade of ash blond that mimicked her original colour, yet hid the grey hairs perfectly. Diamonds glittered around her neck and also dangled from her ears, sparkling in the light of the chandelier. 

As she started down the stairs she saw her young, handsome new husband hovering at the bottom, dressed in his new dinner suit. He looked up at her, a smile on that cherubic, adorable face. She looked straight into his eyes as she slowly descended. She saw an eruption of emotion sparkle in his clear blue eyes. 

She failed to see the trip wire rigged across the stairs until it was too late.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 06/December/2018

Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Paragon of Vocal Virtue.

This story was written in response to a challenge set by Esther Chilton on her blog:

The challenge was to write a story, poem or limerick about my favourite songs or artists.

The story was also inspired by the following word prompts:

A Paragon of Vocal Virtue

The auditions were not going well. They had already listened to a number of wannabees who, frankly, should have stayed at home. They weren’t even up to Karaoke standard, they couldn’t hold a tune let alone perform the classics that they mangled with impunity.

He’d had to listen to a performance of “Baby, Love”, that would have made Diana Ross turn in her grave if she occupied it; he’d have to google that later and check.

Then a young man tried his best to sing Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable”, one of his favourite songs and in Ironic fashion, he’d forgotten the performance already.

And those were the half decent ones, the rest were complete dross.

In a rather petulant manner, he crossed his legs and wriggled his right foot in the air and shouted “NEXT!”

A large, voluptuous woman walked up on stage. She was dressed in a classic 50’s or 60’s style with her hair in a beehive and her eyeliner thickly applied and with a stylish flick at the end. Her dress was a fitted gown in emerald green which showed off her ample curves. Waiflike she was not, but she had a touch of glamour that he admired, in a non-sexual way. If she’d appeared on stage naked and riding a unicycle he wouldn’t have been physically attracted, but he could appreciate her energy and style.

She stopped mid-stage and looked out blindly at the lights.

“I’m going to sing a song made famous by Ella Fitzgerald. Now, brace yourself” She said. Her voice was warm and rich, it carried effortlessly to him at the back of the hall, without sounding forced.

He sat back in the chair and waited for her to start, smiling at her comment to ‘brace yourself’.

Then she slowly moved her arms up either side of her and breathed in, when her hands were level with her head, she let rip. The force of her voice as she sang “Halleluiah” nearly knocked him off his perch.

She gave a wonderful rendition of the song “Get Happy” and while she belted out the song she moved gently across the stage and clicked her fingers in time to the music. It was the most professional performance he had witnessed in some time. It was clearly abundant that he had, at long last, found someone he could put forward.

He wasn’t the type of man to vacillate. He knew what he wanted and rarely changed his mind.

When she finished her performance, he applauded and she blushed.

“Thank you. I’ve prepared some more if you’d like to hear it” She said, slightly out of breath.

“Yes, please, I’d be delighted to hear more” He responded with enthusiasm.

She then gave a rendition of Doris Day’s song “Secret Love” that sent shivers up and down his spine.

This was followed by a version of Karen Carpenter’s “We’ve only just begun.”

Her voice, though always her own, seemed to adapt perfectly to the song and style that she’d chosen to sing. It developed the soft velvety tones that Doris Day was famous for, then the warm clarity that Karen Carpenter’s voice possessed.

He sat enraptured by the paragon of vocal virtue. He was the harshest of critics but this voice had won over even his stone hard heart.

When she finished, he stood up and gave her a full standing ovation.

This was going to be the best talent competition the village of Lower Wallop had seen for many a year.

The End


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/October/2018