A Poem in the Style of Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat – A face in the wrong place – Kira’s Sunday Scribbles.


This poem was written for two challenges, firstly, the picture challenge by Kira’s Sunday Scribbles, see picture above and link below:


Secondly, this was written in the Style of Dr Seuss, The Cat in the Hat, which was the challenge set by Christine’s Daily Writing prompt on the Go Dog Go Cafe. See link below:

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Cat in the Hat


A Face in the Wrong Place. 

A face is quite nice on a cat

On a cat, a face is never off place,

And a face looks OK on a rat,

So, We can all agree on that.

But a face looks decidedly crazy

When it’s sitting on top of a daisy,

On a daisy, a face just isn’t right,

In fact, it’s a terrible sight.

On anything leafy and green,

A face should never be seen,

Either on a daisy or some lovely calabrese.

This is all science gone wrong,

What next a potato in a sarong?

So, when I see a face on a daisy,

Or indeed some lovely calabrese,

I just think its genetics gone crazy.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 23/July/2019

Twittering Tales #120 – A Face in the Window

Photo by Juan Pablo at Pexels.com


She was just a face in the window.

She was always there when he passed at 8:15 on his way to work.

He often thought she was looking at him, but whenever he came close, she looked away.

The sight of her face always cheered him up.

One day he’d get the courage to go in and say hello.

[280 Characters]

This was written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales challenge, and it is meant to complement the story she wrote herself. Click here to read her story:

Twittering Tales #120 – 22 January 2019