A short story – Their Song.

She sat upright on the sofa, as was her habit. Her mother had always made her sit upright and at moments like these, she was grateful. It helped keep her together, keep her from slumping down into a heap. In one hand she grasped the photo frame. It was an old photograph of her husband and no one would have recognised him from it, but she remembered. In her mind, he hadn’t changed, not until the very last.

She had put on the old record. It was an old song, but it had meant so much to them both. It had been their first dance at their wedding, and just last year at their golden wedding anniversary they’d danced it again, not quite a deftly, but with just as much love in their eyes. It was their song.

Johnny Mathis’s golden tones rang out from the speakers, singing “Chances Are”.

She held the photograph to her heart and said a final goodbye.

This story was written for the Word of the Day: Chances and the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Song

Song Lyric Sunday – That lonely sound.

The Song Lyric Sunday Challenge this week is we have different ways of saying goodbye as the prompt, and the song that you chose must contain either Arrivederci, Bon-voyage, Ciao, Farewell, Goodbye, Hasta la vista, Sayonara or Shalom in the title or the lyrics. Click on the link below to see Jim Adam’s post and to take part in the challenge.


I thought I would share this hit written by James Dean (no not THAT one) and William Weatherspoon for that Soul singer, Jimmy Ruffin. In 1970 he sang “Farewell is a lonely sound” which reached number 8 in the UK charts but only 104 in the US.

I hope you like this song.

“Farewell Is A Lonely Sound”

(Farewell farewell my love, farewell farewell my love)

Farewell is a lonely sound
When told to someone you love
You know, you hurt inside as you wonder why
You must leave the one that you love

Saying goodbye to someone you love
Is so hard for any man
You say it’s just for a while, then you force a smile
And you hope she’ll understand

Then a tear appears in her eyes
As she tightly holds your hand
Then you let her know that it’s time to go
You must leave while you can

Oh but, farewell is a lonely sound
When told to someone you love
You know, you hurt inside as you wonder why
You must leave the one that you love

(Farewell farewell my love, farewell farewell my love)
I’m leaving darling, but I’ll be, back one day

Ooh every silent step you take
Each one hurts your heart
As you board the train, you feel the pain
That starts as you depart, yeah

You wipe your eyes so she can’t see
Cos a man should never cry
Now there’s just a trace of her crying face
As you wave to her goodbye, that’s why

Farewell is a lonely sound
When told to someone you love
You know, you hurt inside as you wonder why
You must leave the one that you love

I don’t wanna leave you baby, I don’t wanna say goodbye no, no
Oooh cos it hurts inside, and you wonder why
You must leave the one that you love

Baby baby, farewell is a lonely sound

The Strange Inheritance – Part Six – A Multiple Word Prompt Story

This is a continuation of a story I was writing some time ago. See here for the last instalment.


This story was inspired by the following word prompts:




FOWC with Fandango — Radical



Today’s things are: farewell, retirement, pasture

James returned to the Kitchen to find that Mrs Ponsomby had breakfast well underway. 

The smells of the sausages and bacon sizzling in the pan made his stomach rumble. It was one of his favourite aromas.

Jennifer was helping Mrs Ponsomby by beating the eggs with a little milk. 

“Go and Wash your hands, James, you’re all covered in grime and cobwebs from that cellar” Jennifer chided automatically falling back into her role as the bossy younger sister. Since growing up in the orphanage, they’d always been close but the last couple of years they had led separate lives. He worked in the City as a bank clerk and Jennifer was a teaching assistant at a Primary school in the suburbs. They both had their separate little dingy flats and led separate lives, meeting up occasionally. It was funny how being back together they had reverted. He was once again the protective older brother.

Obediently he went upstairs and cleaned himself up, then returned to the dining room and set the table. 

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Well I’m Off Now

It will be a trial for me to leave WordPress and my blogging pals for just over a week.

I looked up the weather where I am going, in Bergen, Norway and it is a chilly Ten Degrees Centigrade! which is quite a bit colder than where I am in the UK right now, but I am still looking forward to the fresh air and wonderful scenery.

Aufwedersehn, Au Revoir and as they apparently say in Norway “ha det bra, ser deg snart”

Goodbye and See you Soon.