Under the Jubilee Flight Path

I was lucky to be out with my Mum having lunch in a local restaurant and we were told that the planes that were going to be flying to London to do a formation flypast for the Queen’s Jubilee were actually going to fly over our heads.

Life is full of unexpected surprises, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This time is was so lovely to see the planes fly over in formation and later to watch the news and see the same planes being enjoyed by Her Majesty the Queen on the balcony at Buckingham palace.


The Flight of the Humble Pea – ;-)

“Oh, not peas again!” Daniel gave a forlorn plea as his Mother placed a big bowl of them on the dinner table.

“Yes, Dear, peas. You always balk at them, but they are full of vitamin c, so I want to see you put plenty on your plate”

When she walked out of the room again, his Sister gave him a sly look.

“Yes, Daniel, you should give peas a chance,” She said, in an adorable bit of wordplay.

Then she gave a yelp as her brother pulled back his fork and fired several peas at her.

The flight of the peas bounced off of her head and a few rolled along the dining room floor and into the kitchen.

“Daniel!” Screamed their Mother. They were like this every Sunday when they came round for dinner. You wouldn’t have thought they were now both grown-ups!

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 27/January/2019

Written in response to the following word prompts:




FOWC with Fandango — Forlorn



Twittering Tales – Maiden Flight.

Photo by Adhitya Andanu at Pexels.com


Past obscuring lines of rain

I see the waiting aeroplane

A rising panic grips my chest

Like pangs of hunger manifest

I take a pill to ease my stress

The panic pains soon regress

I conquered fear, my mental plight

Now it’s my maiden Pilots flight

I feel brilliantly

Won’t you fly with me?

[278 Characters]


This poem was written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales Challenge:

Twittering Tales #131 – 9 April 2019


I have also included the following word prompts: