Poppies and Soap boxes – A short Story.


By the way – Today is National Armed Forces day in the United Kingdom, so this story is dedicated to that cause. If I ever make any money from this story in the future, it will be donated to the Royal British Legion.


Poppies and Soap Boxes.

Two men were sitting in the public lounge of their local pub. It was Thursday evening and they had just finished their work for the day and both fancied a pint before heading home.

The two men were of similar ages, in their thirties and were both wearing suits and had removed their ties. They worked together in the same office and walked past the same pub on their way home, but they didn’t really know each other that well.

As they were sitting there, a man came in to the pub selling paper poppies for the Poppy appeal in support of the Royal British Legion.

Keith put his hand in his pocket and gave the man a Five pound note for which he received a poppy and a smile from the old veteran selling them.

Mike, on the other hand did not buy a poppy and the old veteran moved on to another table.

“I don’t know why they still sell those things. The War was sixty years ago. I don’t hold with all that patriotic nonsense. I mean, it was just a fluke we were born here instead of, say, Borneo.”

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Multiple Word Prompt Story – The African King

The African King

“Will you come away from that computer and eat your dinner, it’s going cold.” Molly shouted upstairs to her teenage daughter.

“I’ll be down In a minute. I’m talking to someone on Social Media. They’re a really important person. A King of somewhere, apparently.” Laura shouted back at her Mother.

It took a little while for the statement to sink in. Did she just say she was talking to a King? On Social Media? It’s bound to be some hoax. I mean it would be too great a fluke to really be talking to an actual King. It must be some kind of trick to get hold of her bank account. They’ll be in for a shock, with the college fees so high, her daughter was so badly In debt there was no money to take. Maybe they’d have pity on her and pay some money in instead.

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