WOW! I have reached 500 Followers! THANK YOU xxx


500 Follows!
Congratulations on getting 500 total followers on Tales from the mind of Kristian!
I Wish to Thank everyone who is following me. I don’t think I would ever have thought that I would achieve 500 followers! I am amazed, overwhelmed and feeling lots of other emotions.
It has really made my week.
This is despite a decrease in my output of late.
I am also going to be OFFLINE next week and so will not be reading or liking any posts or engaging in any challenges, which I will miss.
I will try to arrange to schedule some posts, maybe a few Flashbacks of previous posts and my Word of the Day posts are all scheduled.
I may well come back to find that my followers have dropped below this fantastic mark again, but that is the way with blogging. I am just so thrilled to have reached this figure.
THANK YOU AGAIN and I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Celebration Time – Thank you to my Followers.

Today I have passed the 100 followers mark! This is so very exciting. I am really grateful for all of you who decided they liked my posts enough to decide to follow me. It is your encouragement that keeps me believing in myself.

I have posted below links to all my followers as a thank you.


I would also like to thank people who regularly read and comment on my posts, whether you choose to follow me or not. Your comments and likes are so helpful to me in my quest to improve and develop my creative writing.

I can not say Thank You enough.