Weird things to eat – My List.

My Blogging pal, Rory, who writes the blog A Guy Called Bloke has posted the question, what are the 5 weirdest things you have eaten.

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My Response is that growing up, I was not really introduced to exotic stuff, in fact, it would surprise you to hear the sort of things that in my family we thought of as exotic!

My mum wouldn’t eat Rice or Pasta, so if Marks and Spencers hadn’t done Spaghetti Bolognese ready meals, I’d have never known the joys of Italian food in my life. I now know the joys of real Italian food and have even attempted to make some myself.

Bearing that in mind, it was not without trepidation that I tried the following:

1) Norweigian Brown Cheese (Brunost) which is made from Whey rather than curds and tastes like a cross between Fudge and Cheese, it’s a savoury fudgy cheese…. Weird or What?

Now for my Vegetarian and Vegan friends, please look away for the next two.

2) Crocodile. I had this at an evening dinner party in the desert after watching the sunset over Uluru (it was an organised touristy thing but very nice), I didn’t like the taste of Crocodile, it tasted like Salty, Soapy Chicken…

3) Kangaroo. At the same event, I tried Kangaroo and LOVED it. This Agile animal is very much like Venison in taste and the meat is very lean, and consequently has to either be cooked quickly like the best beef steak or casseroled very slowly.

4) Ethiopian Cuisine – Now this was a really exotic experience for me (bearing in mind how unadventurous my culinary experiences had been) and I loved it. There are a few Ethiopian restaurants in London. The Queen of Sheba in Kentish Town is wonderful. The food is spiced but flavoursome and you eat it with rolled up giant pancakes (or its like pancakes), delicious,

5) Mole ( this is pronounced Molay, and is a Mexican sauce and NOT the burrowing animal), This is a very thick brown sauce, savoury and very complex tasting notes but made with chocolate. I have to say, I thought it was not very nice at all.

Please forgive me my friend, Irene, who writes the blog “My Slice of Mexico”, if you are reading this. By way of apology, I post a link to her blog below, her recipes always look really tasty.

So that is my selection. Why not go over to Rory’s block and let him know yours? let me know too, in the comments.

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321 Quote me – FOOD!

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321 Quote Me – Food for Thought


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Dedicated Topic For Today: ”Food Glorious Food”


1) J.R.R. Tolkien

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” 
― J.R.R. Tolkien
“If someone takes the trouble to cook you a meal, don’t moan if it doesn’t turn out too great, just be grateful that they cared enough to try.” 
– Kristian Fogarty


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A silly poem – Food that I Adore.

This poem was written in response to this challenge set by Esther Chilton.

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The challenge was to write something about your favourite food.



Of all the foodstuffs I like most,

I’ve got to say, it’s beans on toast.

I could eat them for my dinner,

I would happily have a munch,

And though you may call me Sinner

I’d have them for my lunch,

And breakfast too, I’m not so proud,

They’re cheap as chips, so lick my lips,

I’m prepared to shout out loud.

It’s beans on toast that I love most

They help me dissipate the crowd,

With an unfortunate gaseous cloud.

There is one thing more,

That I adore,

And I could not forsake,

So, therefore, let me implore

Bring me some Tea and Cake.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/September/2018