My Fantasy Story – Part 17 – The Memory of a Mother.

Some of you may have picked up on the fact that I didn’t post my Sunday afternoon/evening’s scheduled instalment of my Fantasy story…..

Well better late than never, here is the next part.

If you would like to read it from the start, this is the first part:

Part Seventeen – The Memory of a Mother

The council, or great assembly, turned to the more mundane matters of the day-to-day running of the Red Magehood’s enormous Empire and the people under their protection. Meanwhile, a speeded courier arrived at the southern gate. Night had fallen and so the great gates to the City of Solarys had been closed and locked. The courier handed a golden disc to the Gatekeeper who examined it closely. The keeper then commanded the gates be opened and the courier rode on through the deserted streets of Solarys, the Citadel of the Sun. The courier headed northwards towards the Fortress of the Red Magehood on the great fire mountain that overlooked the city. Most of the city was built on the flat plateau lavas that had once poured from the volcano long before the area became inhabited. The Fire Mountain itself had been dormant for over a thousand years, but it remained an important feature in the life of its citizens providing hot water springs and creating an inexhaustible energy supply for the city. The courier arrived at the gates of the fortress and flashed his gold disc once more. Within moments he was ushered into the great chamber. He had orders that this letter could only be surrendered into the hands of either Sorceress Magda Rubicunda or those of the High Sorcerer himself. It was a message of the greatest importance.

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The Legend of the Money Tree

FOWC with Fandango — Legend


It was a local legend that as long as the tree lived and thrived so would the people of the village. It was a strange tree, no one could find out what type of tree it was. It kept its green leaves through Winter, no matter how harsh the wind and snows. It produced thousands of tiny white flowers throughout May and June producing a constant delicate rain of blossom. Marriages would take place under that fine tree and Brides always put a sprig of it’s blossom into their bouquet. It was tradition, so it had to be done. In August the tree was covered in red fruit, similar to cherries but sweeter than sugar plums. Many people in the village would take a punnet of the fruit home with them and make jam out of them. In the Summer people would visit the Village and have picnics under the trees green canopy. They would buy things from the shops, including the precious Jam. People had planted the small pips from the fruit in the hope of producing more of these special trees, but none of them ever sprouted. Some people tried to take cuttings from the tree, but they just wouldn’t take root. There was only ever one tree. One day it was decided that they needed to build more houses in the Village and the only space available was the old village green, where the Tree stood. The villagers urged the council not to go ahead and sell the land. Unfortunately, the Mayor had already taken his bribe and signed over the land to the big development corporation.

The Legend was true, when that tree died so did the hopes and dreams of the whole village.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 15/July/2018

End Game – A Multiple Word Prompt Story





FOWC with Fandango — Cursory



End Game

The world descended into chaos and more and more people refused to agree to disagree, especially when it came to different religions. They argued over which religion was the right one, they accused each other of heresy and used religious difference as an excuse to kill. All religions stated that they must love each other, treat each other with respect and never kill, only that message was ignored over and over again. Humans refused to become integrated within the natural world.

Finally, humankind imploded, destroying most of the world with it.

God looked down on the earth appalled at what had happened to his beautiful creation.

Satan looked equanimous as usual, barely taking a cursory glance. He had won his bet.

“I didn’t think you could do it. I created a perfect world and I never believed that you could ruin it and in such a short space of time. For aeons the world evolved and everything was balanced and then you go and create those things and within just a few thousand years they destroyed everything” God said giving Satan the full force of his stare.

“Well, I admit I only created them as a spoof really. I didn’t expect they’d be quite as brutal as they were. They really were the most easily corrupted beings. I am surprised I won my bet so easily. You didn’t really put up much of a fight” Satan replied.

“We agreed not to influence things directly, we had to work through people. I sent several people to guide them. I spoke to Moses and gave him ten commandments to live by. They seemed to listen at first but then slowly they began to fall by the wayside and so I decided to find out what life on earth was like for myself. I put my spirit inside a child who they called their messiah. He even managed to resist your efforts to tempt him. He gave them messages of peace and love. Over and over again I sent prophets to them with the same message of mutual respect and forgiveness. In the end the very religions that I inspired to bring peace seemed to lead to more war.”

“Yes, you worked mainly through learned and inspired individuals but for every good, kind, intelligent, peace-loving person there are ten greedy, power-hungry people who want to take over the world. My forces always outnumbered yours. You made it so easy, you thought they were created in your image, but really I created them in mine” Satan gloated.

They looked down at the chessboard between them. All the white pieces were lying on their side.

“Fancy a rematch?” Satan gave his best Mephistophelian leer.

“OK, best of three?” God replied. Suddenly, there was a big bang and the world began again.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/July/2018

Cave Tu Autem In Periculo – A multiple Word Prompt Short Story

I hope you enjoy this macabre tale. It is Friday the 13th After all 😉


Cave Tu Autem In Periculo

“No, I won’t do it. You know I’m not in the least superstitious but I tell you Suzie, that place gives me the creeps” Said Andy vehemently.

“Andy you’re behaving like a petulant child. I told my parents we’re going and that’s that.”

A lot of people didn’t want to spend time with the In-laws but in Andy’s case it had nothing to do with his Father or Mother-on-law, they were fine, upstanding folk. They didn’t have much sense of humour and were definitely not what you could call fun, but they were quiet, kind and considerate.

They never popped in to visit, which Andy took as being a kindness. No newlyweds wanted their parents or in-laws popping in all the time.

No, they never popped in, but occasionally they did want them to come and stay. He had been putting it off since the last time. He had never felt such fear in all his life.

The noises in the night, the messages on the mirror and the way the paintings looked at you, all convinced him that the place was haunted.

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A Petulant Smack

“I’m Not Being Petulant!” He screamed and stamped his large foot.

“You’re Not Listening to ME” The shout echoed around the car park for everyone to hear.

She stopped to look at her Son. He had clearly gotten out of the wrong side of the bed that morning. He had done nothing but fuss. She had threatened him with a smack if he didn’t start behaving and now threatened, she had to carry it out. No one could accuse her of making idle threats. No fear.

She grabbed him, put him over her knee, pulled down his pants and smacked him as he cried and bawled.

Lots of people came out of the supermarket and stared. It wasn’t everyday you saw a sixty year old lady give her forty year old son a smack outside Wall Mart.

The End


FOWC with Fandango — Fear


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 13/July/2018



An early martini – A short story.

This was written in response to the Word of the Day: Deviate

The Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Lessen

FOWC with Fandango — Lessen

and Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt: Supercilious

An Early Martini

“You Rang M’lud?” Said the butler in his usual supercilious tones.

“Yes, Burroughs, please get me a strong martini,”

“But Sir, At this hour?” Burroughs coldly asked. He was an excellent Butler and knew his worth, but it meant that he was more outspoken than many would have tolerated. The fact that it was only 9 o’clock in the morning may well have been cause enough to be a little surprised at being asked for a strong Martini, but one did not usually question a member of the House of Lords. 

Lord Halifax just snapped back” Yes Dammit, I need something to lessen the shock.”

Burroughs left the room and returned holding a tray on which a flared cocktail glass stood containing a clear liquid and an olive on a stick. 

Lord Halifax took the drink and threw the olive into the empty fireplace. He then downed the drink in one gulp.

Burroughs wasn’t one to deviate from his usual pompous butler act but seeing his master act so out of character had taken him by surprise. 

“Is anything wrong Sir?” He asked, even allowing some genuine emotion to flow through.

“Yes there is. It’s Lady Halifax. She’d Dead. Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me. Burroughs, I think you’d better telephone the police. Oh and fetch me another Martini.”

Seeing his wife laying there, with her face all blotchy had been more than he could bear. Of course, they had been estranged for years, but that didn’t prepare one for finding your spouse of thirty years clearly dead. It looked like she’d been strangled. She was still wearing the clothes she’d gone to Lady Patterson’s party in. He’d gone to his own bed early and hadn’t heard her come home. 

Sitting down on the chintz sofa, he waited for Burroughs to return with another drink to calm his nerves. 

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 10/July/2018

A multiple word prompt short story – A Hopeless Romantic



Today’s things are: museum, sneeze, romance



A Hopeless Romantic

I am a hopeless romantic, it has to be said. I love a bit of romance, but it never works out the way it does in books, does it?

I remember taking this lovely creature to one of the most romantic places I could think of. What could be more romantic than the Hunterian museum in London? It is the museum for the royal college of surgeons and is full of dissected body parts preserved in formaldehyde. What could put you in the mood for love better than staring at someone’s body preserved in a jar?

Well that date didn’t end well.

Then on another date, I took the lucky girl to the Portrait gallery. Unfortunately, I was allergic to her perfume, La Nuit d’amour, which made me sneeze everywhere. If you see a portrait in the gallery with a green mark in the bottom left hand corner, that was me. I also managed to sneeze over her too. So that didn’t work out.

I’ve learned my lesson now, I always take an antihistamine now before heading out on a date, just in case.

On my last date I took her on a spa weekend. Personally, I felt she took offence far too easily. I only said that she could do with something to rejuvenate her? I pointed out that her Crows feet were much more reduced in size after the face peel. Maybe she was just annoyed that I insisted we split the bill when It was clear an invite back to her place was out of the question. I had to dart left pretty sharpish to avoid her slap. As I dodged out-of-the-way she accidentally ended up hitting the Manageress behind me. What a kerfuffle THAT caused. I posted bail for her, but was she grateful? No.

I suppose I am just no good at picking the right girl.

I’ve joined an online dating agency now, so fingers crossed.

I’ve got pretty high standards though.

The End


Disclaimer: This story is totally fictitious, please do not make any assumptions about me from this story 😉

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 09/July/2018