50 Word Thursday # 108 – The Loot


And the words:

” … grabbed the pistol from me and fired it into the couch.” – Louisiana Longshot – Jana DeLeon

We sneaked into the old place careful not to make any sounds that may awaken the neighbours. Most of the folks who lived round here were practically in their grave, and the person who used to live in this bungalow had already gone on ahead.

Uncle Peter had never cared for a soul except himself. We knew that because when our parents died and they’d asked him in their will to look after them, he’d just packed us off to the orphanage.

Now we figured we’d be entitled to his cash. He’d hardly been a good example of a generous man and we suspected his cash was around somewhere.

I stood there with my gun in my hand and asked my brother, “Where do you think he’s hidden the loot then?”

He grabbed the pistol from me and fired it into the couch.

“Right here” he replied.

He was right.

[150 Words]

Written for the 50 Word Thursday Challenge


Including the following word prompts: