Twittering Tales #118 – A Green Awakening – A tale in less than 280 Characters

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Switching the bathroom light on, Jack stared aghast at the glass of tap water in his hand.

It was green, slimy and smelled terrible.

If only he hadn’t downed two glasses of water before he’d realised something wasn’t right.

Maybe he’d gain superpowers? The ability to fly?


[276 characters]

This was written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales Challenge, see link here:

I have missed a few of these, but here is the last one I wrote:

Moongazing – A Multiple word prompt poem


I looked up at the moon

A golf ball in the sky

So brightly it shone above

I just lay there and wondered why

Is it an arrangement with the sun?

Have they agreed to share the light?

Or a possibility, that one

Defeated the other in a fight.

Did one placate the other

By staying so far apart?

Or agree to work together

In a celestial creative art.

One shining bright the other serene

And together making nature

A verdant splash of green.

As I lay on my mattress

Looking up at the bright moon,

Feeling its silvery caress

I pray for slumber, soon.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 27/July/2018


This poem was inspired by the following Word Prompts:

Today’s things are: mattress, golf ball, green