Picture of the Day – Happy Birthday Mr Shakespeare

Yesterday was the 23rd of April. St. Georges Day, which is why my picture yesterday was of a statue of St George and the Dragon. As well as that though, it was also the birthday of England’s, possibly the worlds, greatest poets and playwrights, Mr William Shakespeare.

If he was alive today, it would have been his 454th birthday yesterday. Many Happy Returns.

He was also one of those few people who actually died on his birthday in 1616, he was 52. (Good one for a quiz).

This picture is the globe theatre in London. It isn’t the actual globe theatre that Shakespeare had many of his plays performed in. That one was pulled down in the 1640’s by Puritans who did not like the theatre.

The current building was opened in 1997 and is as close to being a replica of the original as possible, although it stands 750 feet from where the original stood.

It follows the traditional Elizabethan theatre layout of the audience sitting in a horseshoe shape around a stage that juts out into the standing area, rather like a catwalk. This actually makes the audience feel more a part of the performance.

Shakespeare’s plays are unfortunately often portrayed in a drab and dreary fashion. The words are often delivered like a litany. This is not how it was written. Shakespeare wrote his plays to entertain and you get that impression when you see one performed at the Globe.

Next time you visit London, give the Globe a visit, if you haven’t already.