Apology in Poem Form.

Please accept my apologies

for not posting much of late

I’ve got lots going on right now

and I can’t seem to keep a date.

My Mum was not well yesterday

She was as white as a page

It’s a rotten cold but she’s getting old,

She needed a doctor, a guru, a Sage.

Thankfully she’s had a good night

sleeping right through to the dawn

She’s calling the doctor right now.

and she looks better, not quite so withdrawn.


Chivalric Remnants – A Poem


This poem was written for Kreative Kue 209, hosted by Keith Channing on his blog Keith Kreates. See the link below, if you’d like to have a go. 😉


I have also included the following prompts:


FOWC with Fandango — Health



Falconry and bird displays,

a remnant of those chivalry days,

when Knights behaved with courtly ways

So sad those days have gone.


An owl gazed longingly from his cage,

 fragile in health, yet full of rage,

perhaps these fragments of a bygone age

are better left bygone?

As time forever marches on.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/March/2019



Swelling, Protuberances and Apologies.

I have been totally lacklustre today.

I woke up with a strange swelling in my face. I have had random strange swellings (Not the kind you’re thinking of) before. I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Angioedema, which sounds really cool, but what that just means is that parts of my body, specifically the layer beneath my skin, will swell up and the Idiopathic bit means, they don’t know why.

I have been taking tablets to keep it at bay, antihistamines, but they don’t always do the trick.

It could be caused by a virus or a bacterial infection in my blood, that whizzes around causing my own bodies autoimmune system to swell up to stop it.

It isn’t painful, only uncomfortable and quite scary.

The consultant gave me some sage advice. “Don’t panic,” he said, “It will only make the condition worse” he added.

“Worse?” I responded but what I said was barely audible because my lips had swollen to the size of an R&B artist’s bottom implants.

That was back when it first happened and I was concerned I was going to end up having an anaphylactic shock.

Now I just tend to scream on the inside.

So, I apologise for not being very productive blogwise today. Hopefully, normal service will resume soon.

I hope none of you decides to unfollow me in a fit of pique, due to my poor performance of today.

I’ll have a good nights sleep tonight, then I should be back with you tomorrow, my usual enthusiastic, imaginative and creative self.

Good evening.




FOWC with Fandango — Pique





Three Things Challenge, 06 June 2018 – In the Future

This is a Three Things Challenge as set by the haunted wordsmith, see link below:


Here are the three words for 06 June 2018: dog, hairball, science fiction

In the Future

I awoke from my frozen slumber, my body was still numb, my eyes blind and my ears deaf. The only reason I knew I was alive was that I could think. In those dark moments, I tried to recall what had happened. I don’t remember much about the freezing process. They had told me I had an incurable illness and there was nothing that science at that time could do for me other than preserve my body. The field of Cryogenics and cryonics was still rather new back then and often people had to pay through the nose for the privilege of having their bodies frozen, but they wanted to try out a brand new chemical freezing procedure and wanted a human guinea pig to try it out on. I could see no point in living. I had no dependents and no descendents, at least none that I was still talking to and had now been diagnosed with a painful and degenerative disease, there really wasn’t much point in hanging on. I volunteered to take part in their experiment. It was only now that my senses were gradually coming back to me, that I realised it had been a success. The next sense that returned was my hearing. I could hear a rushing sound as my ears cleared and then the whirring of some machinery and the sound of my heart beating. I also heard the sound of breathing, whether my own or someone else’s was unclear. I began to feel the hardness of the surface I was lying on and the rough material against my skin. I moved my arm, my hand dropped down beside me and then I heard a voice, it was deep and gravelly.

“Ahhh, You are waking up now. There, there, don’t worry about anything. You’re safe. I am looking after you. I have been able to decipher the data file preserved with you. I can see you had some advanced cancerous cells in your lymphatic system but I have had them removed. I gather your primitive society couldn’t deal effectively with those, but we can quite easily. Can you lift up you legs yet? Please try for me.”

I tried to lift my legs but they were still numb but gradually sensation was coming back to my body. My toes were tingling. My sense of smell returned suddenly and I was aware of an unpleasant animal smell coming from somewhere nearby. It smelled like my local vets waiting room on a hot day! I must have tensed because the gravelly voice once again told me to relax.

“You are doing very well now. Soon you should be able to move and you will begin to see, then, finally your speech will return. That always seems to be the last thing to come back, at least in the other specimen that I have dealt with. This was the only cryonics process that actually worked, you were very lucky my friend. You know, until we found this cryonics laboratory, your species had all died out. It has been really fascinating to study your species in more detail.”

I began to panic, what was this thing that was standing over me, I could feel it’s breath now. I pictured one of those aliens I had seen in the movies, with big slobbering teeth, that laid eggs in people’s bodies. 

“Please rest, you humans are so excitable aren’t you? Everything is going to be OK. We wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you. I’ll look after you, until someone comes who will give you a nice home. There, there.”

My eyes opened and I began to focus. I saw something with big slobbering teeth bending over me. It was also covered in fur and had a big wet nose and large brown eyes. It was a dog! A dog was standing over me. 

“You’re a Dog!” I shouted, realising at the same time that my speech had returned.

“Now, we don’t like that term, no not at all. We are Canines not Dogs. That was a derogatory term used for our ancient ancestors before we evolved. You can just call me Doctor Sam. I hope you behave yourself when you’re staying with me, because I don’t like badly behaved animals, humans least of all. You were such an aggressive and disagreeable species. That was mainly due to your hormones, however. I’ve dealt with that now.”

It was then I realised that I was missing something in the groin area! They had neutered me. 

Doctor Sam suddenly began coughing and hacking then threw up a hairball onto the floor. Another dog came over and swept it up with a dustpan and brush.

“OK. You should be getting your feeling back in your legs now. You’ll have to wear this.”

I felt something being put around my neck and saw a long metal chain dangling from it and held up by the hairy hand of Doctor Sam.

“Right now, there’s a good boy.” He said to me. “Walkies.”

The End.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 06/06/2018