Home sweet haunt – A multiple word prompt story.

Stepping into their house, they could tell instantly something was very wrong.

The hairs went up at the back of their necks as they strode into the living room.

There was a terrible mess like all their belonging had been thrown around the room.

The kitchen was worse. Ooze and slime coated the walls, the range oven and the work surfaces.

A haunting melody came from somewhere above, a screaming cacophony of sound that assaulted the ears.

It wasn’t some vagrant poltergeist that had materialised and created havoc around their beloved abode.

They had just been away on holiday and left their house in the hands of their teenage son.

Putting down his suitcase, Peter said calmly and placatingly to his wife.

“I’ll put the kettle on dear and make us a nice cup of tea.”

Susan shouted “I’m going to kill him”

“No dear, just sit down, I’ll take care of it. We don’t want to disturb the neighbours and after all, Boys will be boys.”

Susan turned to her husband of twenty years.

The screams could be heard in the next street.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24/January/2019




FOWC with Fandango — Range




Multiple Word Prompt Poem – Wild Child

In that dingy dell,
A fiend from hell,
Has made his home,
Amidst the gloam.
Ephemeral smoke,
that makes you choke,
billows from under that door,
you’re scared to open and discover more.
There in the gloom,
Of that dank, dark room,
Full of angst and hate,
Is that teenage reprobate,
Your once adorable child,
their emotions running wild.

copyright: Kristian Fogarty 29/October/2018


FOWC with Fandango — Dingy



FOWC with Fandango — Adorable

Things that Make me Happy – A short poem

This poem was written in response to a challenge set by Esther Chilton. See link below:


The challenge is to write a short story, poem or limerick about the things that make you happy.

Well here is my attempt:


An adventure to explore beyond my front door.

A place to call home when I’ve finished my roam.

My wonderful friends to make amends

for those hateful few, who spoil the crew.

It’s these simple things that somehow brings,

Though they may be small, the most happiness of all.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 30/August/2018

A ghostly family home – Short story.


FOWC with Fandango — Comfortable



It was an old rickety house and no one in town liked it much, but it was home for me. 

It was my ancestral home. Generations of my family had lived in it since it had been built back in 1890.  In fact they still did in a way. Not living of course, but they weren’t quite gone either.

So what if it was haunted? It didn’t bother me at all. They weren’t just ghosts, they were family. 

There was something so warm and comforting to be surrounded by your loved ones. My grandmother still sat in her rocking chair in the bay window knitting something that no one would ever wear and she will never finish. The moths had eaten away at the ball of wool that was still at the back of the wardrobe in Granny’s old bedroom. 

My own Mother and Father still occasionally drifted past. I often bumped into my Mother in the kitchen, which is where she spent most of her life providing meals for the family. My father was usually in his comfy chair by the fire. You could hear the rustling noise of his newspaper.

My Grandfather was mostly seen in the potting shed out back. That was where he was found after his last heart attack. 

The house had become a bit of a local landmark, you could see it from quite a distance, perched up on the hill at the top of the street. The old wooden boards were peeling, they could do with a lick of paint. Some of the roof tiles had blown off in last winters storms. The curtains at the windows were all moth-eaten and straggly with cobwebs hanging from the corners like it was always dressed for Halloween. 

It was nice being left alone. No unwelcome guests or nosy neighbours trying to find out your business. We didn’t even get any ‘trick or treaters’ at Halloween anymore. Not after the last time. I think I scared those poor kids out of their wits; it must have been a shock seeing my old body lying at the foot of the stairs like that. The way they screamed and ran away down the hill was hilarious.

No, some people may not have wanted to live in that house with all its ghostly echoes of the past, but I was comfortable. I was one of them now.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 30/July/2018


Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Welcome Home?

This story was inspired by these word prompts:




WORD OF THE DAY: Sussurous



Today’s things are: disco, boy, June bug

A Welcome Home?

Coming home always filled him with that mix of emotions. It was at the same time a comfortable feeling and one that made him feel anxious and on edge. He was ever full of contradictions. It was the contrasts that made life more than just two-dimensional. He always wondered what his welcome was going to be like. He had not always seen eye to eye with his folks. Particularly as he became aware that he wasn’t quite the same as his brothers. Life had become so abominable for him. Feeling like a fish out of water or a bird in the sea. He was a boy that had struggled with his own feelings and desires. It was only when he’d gone to university he’d learned there were fish that dwelt on land and birds that were happiest in the water and more importantly boys that felt the same as he did. He wasn’t alone.

At university he had lived life to the full. Immersed himself in that life of parties and fun. He loved the disco, the night life and being amongst his own kind.

Coming home had been a wrench. A return to the past. That was why he felt such mixed feelings, the comfort that usually came with coming home was tinged with that awkwardness. Would he still be welcome?

It was evening as he stepped down off the bus and walked up the path to the house. He heard the engine of the bus, that steady rhythm as it pulled away. Then the whispering of the evening breeze as it blew through the cornfields. A gentle susurrus sound, steady and constant. Then a June Bug flew into his face and he waved his hands to get rid of it.

He walked up to the front porch. A figure in faded blue jeans and t-shirt dragging a large backpack through the dust.

He extended his hand, took a deep breath, and knocked.

The door opened and he saw his Mother peering out into the night. She was just the same, her brown hair pulled back into a neat bun, her blue eyes peering out from her batwing glasses. Her clothes, neat and clean if a bit worn. As her eyes adjusted and she saw who it was, her face lit up.

“David! It’s David everyone, he’s come home!” she exclaimed to the house.

She put her arm around him and pulled him into the light. He cried tears of relief. He was so afraid they’d shun him after they’d discovered what he was. The way his Mother hugged him close, the way he saw his brothers come out from the kitchen and smiled at him, the way his father stood up from his easy chair and pulled the pipe out of his mouth and grinned, told him he had been wrong. His family loved him after all.

The End


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 19/July/2018


After Gallivanting – A short poem.

This is for Dee’s Daily Word Promp. See link below.


The word is GALLIVANT.


I flit, I float, I gallivant,

all around the town.

If you name a place, I’ve been there

I’ve been up and I’ve been down.


I suppose you’d call me well-travelled.

I’ll answer to that name.

But now I’ve been almost everywhere,

It all begins to look the same. 


I think perhaps I’ll settle down.

I’ll find a spot to call my own.

With chickens and a picket fence

and flowers I’ll have sown.


It’s all well and good to gallivant.

Travelling broadens the mind, they say.

I’ve been there and done that now,

so home is where I’ll stay. 



Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/June/2018

Picture by Pexels. (wordpress free photo library).





Picture of the Day – A Red Horse Chestnut Tree

People that know me, or have been following my blog a while will be aware that I love trees.

I am very lucky that just around the corner from where I live there is a fantastic tree.

Every spring it is covered in Red flowers that are pretty breathtaking.

This is a picture of it.

I am sure you agree, this Tree is such a beautiful asset to have in the neighbourhood.

I hope you like this Picture. 🙂