50 Word Thursday – Strange Allegiances



And the Words: “Nobody can be held responsible for the pranks of destiny.”
― Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock

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There were a few of us in the wedding party and we decided to make the most of our time together before we all went our separate ways.

It seemed apt to take them to the quiet spot where Alice and I had met, on a walking tour. This was where it had started.

The gorge, normally dry had been transformed by the recent rains into a watering hole.

Alice enjoyed swimming and I knew she could not resist the sight of that cool water on that gloriously hot day.

It was two days after our wedding and already I had begun to think it wasn’t worth it. Sure, she was an heiress and was simply rolling in money, but she was one of those clingy types.

My cousin, his wife, my friends John and Laura and Alice’s Uncle George made up the rest of the gathering. We all looked on as Alice waded into the inviting waters.

There is no honour amongst thieves, so the old adage goes, and I have the distinction of being one of the best. Up to that point, I’d only indulged in the odd bit of bribery and blackmail, but if this paid off, I’d get my hands on a goldmine. My Allegiance was to myself alone.

I remember we were tucking into some cooked chicken when Alice started screaming, needless to say, we were too late.

Nobody can be held responsible for the pranks of destiny, at least that’s what the Judge said.

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FOWC with Fandango — Apt






50 Word Thursday – No Honour Amongst Thieves.


“Miss Tonks, the weakest, had been persuaded to go on a raiding mission,” – Miss Tonks Turns to Crime – MC Beaton


Miss Tonks and Miss Barratt were two elderly spinsters that lived in an old cottage and kept themselves to themselves. The whole town used to talk about those old maids and laugh. Two sweet old dears who had no knowledge of the wicked side of life.

Little did the town know that they had once been part of a notorious gang of thieves who had been responsible for a crime wave in the big city some forty years ago. After many robberies, they then ratted out the other gang members as part of a subtle plan and escaped to the country with the remains of the ill-gotten gains whilst the rest of their gang rotted in prison.

Funds had now become low and so Miss Tonks, the weakest, had been persuaded to go on a raiding mission, to rob the local bank.

Miss Barratt and Miss Tonks would collaborate one final time. They made a plan that Miss Tonks, who was physically more able but weak and easily dominated, would carry out the crime while Miss Barratt would create an alibi for them. Instead, Miss Barratt, the wretch, picked up the telephone, dialled the local police and tipped them off.

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FOWC with Fandango — Subtle