Picture of the Day – A Red Horse Chestnut Tree

People that know me, or have been following my blog a while will be aware that I love trees.

I am very lucky that just around the corner from where I live there is a fantastic tree.

Every spring it is covered in Red flowers that are pretty breathtaking.

This is a picture of it.

I am sure you agree, this Tree is such a beautiful asset to have in the neighbourhood.

I hope you like this Picture. 🙂


Trees – A young Horse Chestnut tree in flower.

You may or may not be aware but I am a total Dendrophilliac – that is I am a lover of trees. I had to look this word up, of course. It should be used with caution however because it usually speaks of a deep affection for trees, but occassionally it might refer to someone who is sexually aroused by trees. I wish to assure you that I am the FORMER (that’s the nice one) rather than the latter (the one that surely must end in splinters)!!!

At the moment all the Horse Chestnut Trees (Conker trees) are in flower and they are glorious. They are covered with upright white candles of flowers. They are, unfortunately, one of the main contributors of hayfever to those that suffer from allergic reactions to tree pollen.

This time of year is my favourite. The Lilac is in bloom too, something that only happens for a brief 3 weeks of the year. Make the most of May while you can.

I hope you like this picture of a beautiful tree and I hope you enjoying your Maytime.