Multiple Word Prompt Story – Never looked back.

This story has been inspired by the following prompts:

Today’s things are: thirteen, midlife crisis, past

Never Looked Back

The alarm went off next to the bed. The demanding, screaming noise designed to wake anyone up from the deepest dream, possibly even a coma. It did nothing for his nerves. Reaching over he put his hand in a glass of water before finally reaching the alarm’s snooze button, then the off switch. Opening one eye, Jeremy Bartholomew Fletcher, known to his friends as J.B. relinquished his dream of staying in bed and glanced at the clock. It was 4:45 am. Life began again, the same old routine. He worked in the Tax office as an accountant and he was currently striving for promotion. He’d been getting in early and working late for two months. His last report had said he was doing well but they needed to see more dedication from him before they could consider him ready for promotion.

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