Kristmas Kroaky

Seeing as the Word of the Day is Jingle, I couldn’t help having a go at singing a Christmas classic. Here is my version of the Jingle Bell Rock (I’m sure I won’t have the talent scouts knocking on my door, but I had fun 🙂 ) x


Silver Bells – Some Christmas Music

The Word of the Day is Bells and that reminded me of one of my favourite Christmas songs. Silver Bells, which was sung in an old film called the Lemon Drop Kid.

I’ve recorded my own version here:

And another Christmas song that I didn’t sing is a song by the Band the Darkness.

Christmas Time (Don’t let the Bells End).

A peaceful and Safe Christmas to everyone 🙂

Song Lyric Saturday – Love Letters in the Sand

people singing
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So the Word of the Day is Sand and I couldn’t help but think of this golden oldie song – Love letters in the Sand.

On a day like today
We passed the time away
Writing love letters in the sand
How you laughed when I cried
Each time I saw the tide
Take our love letters from the sand
You made a vow that you would ever be true
But somehow that vow meant nothing to you
Now my broken heart aches
With every wave that breaks
Over love letters in the sand
Now my broken heart aches
With every wave that breaks
Over love letters in the sand
I would love to write some lyrics as lovely as this. The song was written by Nick Kenny, J. Fred Coots and Charles Kenny, and made famous by Pat Boone.

Call, me a total Maniac but I decided to try to sing it myself:

Some Rainy songs for a Rainy day

The Word of the Day is Raining,

and this made me think of a number of songs.

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head,

Rainy Days and Mondays,

It’s Raining in my Heart


Singing in the Rain.

Rather than copy and paste the original artists, I’ve decided to do my own versions…

I find singing helps to put me in a good mood, I’m not sure if the same can be said for my audience, perhaps you’ll tell me in the comments below 😉





Hope they haven’t put your in a bad mood 🙂

Saturday Songs – Only The Lonely

The Word of the Day is Lonely and its rather appropriate, as during this Lockdown, my current situation of living on my own is rather making me feel a bit lonely. I have to say though, it also makes me appreciate my friends and family who have been great at keeping in touch. 🙂

In order to raise my spirits, I’ve been singing and I decided to give one of my favourite Roy Orbison songs a go:



Happy Saturday and I hope you’re not too lonely 🙂

Sunday Songs – Secrets

The Word of the Day is Secret,

It’s no secret that I love the golden oldies and the classic songs of yesteryear. The Word of the Day made me think of these songs:

  1. Do you want to know a secret? – This was originally written and performed by the Beatles, but I like this version by Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas.


2. Secret Love by the Wonderful Doris Day – It’s no secret to those that know me that I thought Doris was wonderful.

3. Finally, it is a bit of a secret that I love to sing, not always brilliantly, but here is a song that I sang about being stuck in Lockdown…


Happy Sunday 🙂 x

This is my tribute to health workers – They Are the Champions.

OK, so I know I’m not the greatest singer in the world, I don’t aspire to be, and I didn’t practice or warm-up, so it’s not a great rendition, but I certainly gave it my all!

It’s my tribute to all the health workers who are the Champions and make us all feel better. 

This is probably a sign that I’m cracking under the strain of staying indoors, who knows what crazy antics I’ll be getting up to tonight?!?

FOWC with Fandango — Tonight


Croakey Karaoke – A multiple Word Prompt Poem



When I’m singing at karaoke,

With my voice all crackly and croaky

My neighbours all shout

“Dear God! Cut it out”

When I start doing the Hokey-cokey.



They call it a thoughtless act

Well, I’ve never had that much tact,

And tactless though I am,

I don’t give a damn

I’ll keep on singing until I’m attacked.



Though they cry it gets on their wick,

Well, honestly, I don’t care a lick

They say it’s a cacophony

But I shout back with joy and glee.

“Have gratitude the walls are quite thick”


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 17/July/2019


I have included the following word prompts:


FOWC with Fandango — Cacophony