Daily Writing Challenge – Poseidon’s Birthday Surprise.

This story was written in response to The Haunted Wordsmiths Daily Writing Challenge. 


The picture above is part of the challenge and also the following words:

king, power, eternal

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King Triton’s birthday was fast approaching and he did not want to think about it. Four thousand years was a long time to be alive, but he knew he wasn’t immortal like the Gods, he would one day wither and die, and so every birthday was like the ticking of his own personal death clock.

He also didn’t know what he wanted as a present. Not another one of those concerts that his daughters loved to put on for him. They enjoyed singing but he didn’t have the heart to tell them that they actually sounded dreadful. He’d heard seagulls that could carry a tune better. 

He was chairing another meeting to discuss the problem of the seas getting hotter when he had the idea. His prime minister, an old bottle-nosed dolphin called Flipper, was in the middle of a speech.

“We have sent uncountable delegations to the humans to tell them to quit pouring chemical after chemical into our oceans, but they have continued despite our warnings….”

“That’s It!” Interrupted the King. “That’s what I want for my Birthday, an end to all the pollution.” 

The Prime Minister rolled his eyes. He was a dedicated public servant who had spent his youth working undercover with the humans and knew them better than anybody. It was that experience that had caused him to be elected Prime Minister. He knew that it wasn’t as simple as ‘wanting an end to pollution’. There were many humans that also desired that wish, but they were outnumbered by those who put money and profits before nature. 

Patiently he said “Very good, your Majesty. I have been working to achieve that. It’s not as simple as that, I’m afraid.”

The King stood up from the table. “I will ask Poseidon. I haven’t bothered him for aeons and he owes me a favour or two. I helped wipe out Atlantis for him when he asked me to. He owes me Big Time!”

The King walked up the steps to the Temple, he felt a little guilty because he hadn’t been as devoted as he should have. This was his first visit for a while. The golden statue of Poseidon stood on it’s plinth at the far end of the temple. It towered above even him. 

“Oh Eternal Poseidon, God of the Sea, here my words and come to me.”

He felt the power and awe overwhelm him as the God’s presence entered the room.

“What is it my child? Long have you let me slumber and I am grateful for it, speak and I will grant thy wish.”

The voice echoed and boomed around the white marble halls decorated with coral, scallop shells, pearls and other treasures of the deepest oceans. 

“I wish an end to this pollution, Oh Powerful God. It is my birthday and I desire this above all things.”

“Consider it done Triton. This will be my Birthday present to you.”

The Gods presence departed and then the great freeze started. 

Poseidon caused the worlds oceans to freeze. The sea creatures survived by diving deep into the under water caverns. There were enough pockets of oxygen in those deep caverns to keep the dolphins and other air breathing sea animals alive. 

The great freeze lasted just long enough for the humans to be wiped out. Then the sea thawed and returned to normal and without the humans, there was no more pollution. 

King Triton was aghast at the devastation that Poseidon had wrought.

“Oh God, why did you destroy the human race? I only wanted an end to pollution.”

“I have granted your wish, Triton. Be more careful what you wish for. You wanted an end to pollution and destroying the humans was the only way.”

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/November/2018

The Kings Last Folly – A Short Tale.

I decided to troll through some of my old posts and I found this story that I wrote some time ago. I thought I would share it with you again. 


The King lay dying. 

All the wise men had tried to save him but to no avail.

They had called upon the witchfolk of the wild woods and they came but could do nothing for him.

The men in white came down from their mountain and called down their powers to heal the wisest and noble of kings. 

Nothing had worked. The King still lay dying. When your time came, no force either supernatural or natural could save you.

At the foot of the bed stood the kings three sons. The Eldest was a proud man. He prized strength and determination above all things. He was always victorious in war and generous in dividing wealth among his bravest knights. 

The Second son was bookish and quiet. He prized learning and knowledge above all things. He would spend hours reading and hours debating among his followers who were all-wise and knowledgeable philosophers. 

The youngest son was humble. He neither enjoyed war nor spending all day with dusty books or wrangling over philosophy. He loved nature and the ordinary people of the land. He enjoyed talking to the farmers and the millers and the craftsmen and women about the land. He walked in the woods and befriended the animals. He had no followers as such but was beloved by all who knew him. Including his noble father. 

The King opened his eyes and looked at his sons. How could he leave his people in the hands of one of these boys? Each one possessed skills, but not one of them had everything necessary to be a wise ruler of the whole land. He knew that to be a great king you had to be strong and determined, knowledgeable and learned and also know and love the ordinary people and the land itself. 

The King spoke to the assembled gathering. His sons, the healers and the councillors all dressed in their rich finery. 

“I go to meet my maker. I bestow upon each of my sons a third of my kingdom for each to rule wisely as they best see fit.”

The noble king rested his head back on his pillow and closed his eyes. Within moments his laboured breathing ceased. The king was dead.

The three sons, now kings of their own kingdoms looked sadly at their father’s corpse. They had each loved him. For his strength, his knowledge and for his love. 

“Well, I claim this Castle and the City and its surrounding land. This third will be mine” said the eldest. It was the best part of the kingdom, with the most wealth but with his Knights behind him, the other two brothers could not say no. 

“Well, I will claim the towns to the north, with their mountain monasteries, their colleges and their libraries,” said the second son.

This left only villages, meadows and some wild places for the third son. 

“Thank you, my brothers. Let us each go our separate ways and rule our own kingdoms” the youngest son said.

With love in his heart, he left the city and went to live with his people. 

The three kingdoms did not prosper. It does not take great wisdom to see that they never could. They each possessed only one of the three things they needed to survive. 

The youngest son’s kingdom was first to die. Crushed by the mighty armies of the eldest brother who used his strength and determination to take over more and more of the land. Although the young king had loved his people, he could not stand in the way of violence.

Then too, the second brother’s kingdom fell to the mighty conquering armies of the Eldest brother, for knowledge and learning are wonderful things but they cannot stand in the way of strength and determination. 

When the Eldest brother held the whole kingdom in his hands he felt victorious but this kind of brutal conquering holds no victory. The kingdom disintegrated because without knowledge and learning and without love, a kingdom cannot survive. The strong preyed upon the weak and took everything, but there was less and less worth taking. The land decayed until there was nothing left but the bare bones for the crows to pick over. 

This Kingdom no longer exists. It was destroyed long, long ago.

Only when Strength, Knowledge and Love co-exists in harmony can there truly be a kingdom worth living in. 

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24/April/2018




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A Serendipitous Limerick

There was a young fellow from Cromer

Who was a bit of a roamer

He left lots to chance,

a serendipity dance

and ended up King of the Roma. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 01/July/2018








Multiple Word Prompt Story – The African King

The African King

“Will you come away from that computer and eat your dinner, it’s going cold.” Molly shouted upstairs to her teenage daughter.

“I’ll be down In a minute. I’m talking to someone on Social Media. They’re a really important person. A King of somewhere, apparently.” Laura shouted back at her Mother.

It took a little while for the statement to sink in. Did she just say she was talking to a King? On Social Media? It’s bound to be some hoax. I mean it would be too great a fluke to really be talking to an actual King. It must be some kind of trick to get hold of her bank account. They’ll be in for a shock, with the college fees so high, her daughter was so badly In debt there was no money to take. Maybe they’d have pity on her and pay some money in instead.

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