Multiple word prompt story – So Much Potential

This story was written in response to the following word prompts:

Today’s things are: calendar, knee, jeep


Sebastian woke up to the sun streaming into the room through a gap in the curtains. Dust motes floated and glinted in that bright beam of light. The room was already getting too hot to bear.

Wiping the sleep out of his eyes and the sweat from his brow, Sebastian walked into his en-suite shower-room, removing his boxer-shorts on the way. The Minty fragranced shower gel gave a brief sensation of coolness and it felt good to get rid of that dirty sweaty feeling that seemed to cling to him after a night of trying to sleep in that unrelenting heat. Stepping out of the shower, the heat seemed to dry him off even before he reached for a towel and began rubbing it over his toned and tanned body. He ran a comb through his floppy blonde hair and already spotted a bead of sweat developing on his forehead. ‘Will this incessant heat-wave ever end?’ he thought to himself. Grabbing a clean but cool linen shirt from the wardrobe he stretched and let it drop onto his arms and rest on his shoulders. He only did up two of the buttons, then he sat down on the bed, opened the bedside cabinet draw and pulled on a pair of loose underpants, then a pair of shorts. Jumping up, he was ready for the day. He looked at the Calendar on the kitchen wall. It was August the 14th. He pulled down the previous months page, then the next. He found the date that was ringed, June the 3rd. The last day they’d had rain.

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