My Aunt Irene – A list poem

This is a poem that I wrote as part of an exercise for my Creative Writing class.

The exercise was you had to imagine going down someones bag and picking out some objects you found in there. From those object, you then use them to build up a character.

I started listing certain things that I could imagine being in an elderly lady’s handbag.

I then found that my brain was making them rhyme, without any conscious decision to write a rhyme.

This is the poem. I hope you like it.


A bright lipstick of coral pink.

Powder compact, Chanel, I think.

 handkerchief; ostentatious lace.

A photograph of a man’s dark face.

Some metal buttons, tarnished brass.

A small round brooch of emerald glass.

Enamelled box, containing pills,

To alleviate my Auntie’s ills.

Something sweet, to make her feel better.

An envelope labelled “His Last Letter”.

My Aunt’s gone now, I miss her so,

together at last, with Uncle Joe.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 18/June/2018


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