Twittering Tales – A Man on a Mission.

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He turned up the collar of his raincoat and finished off his cigar.

The train’s brakes squealing as it stopped on schedule.

Throwing the end of the cigar on the floor he put a lozenge in his mouth and boarded the Orient Express.

He was on a mission and it was time for action.

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This story was written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales Challenge:

Twittering Tale #127 – 12 March 2019


I have also included the following word prompts:

Today’s prompt: lozenge, mission, raincoat


50 Word Thursday #20 – Mission in Paris.

Debbie Whittam has set a challenge to write a poem or story in 50 words, or multiples of 50 up to a maximum of 250 words, inspired by a picture and include some particular lines.

Here is the story I wrote last week:

Here is this weeks picture.


Here are the words:

“As the train pulled into Gare du Nord two days later, Ambler felt a wave of nostalgia.”

Robert Ludlum’s The Ambler Warning.

Here is my story:

A sonorous bell rang out along the carriage preceding the tannoy announcement that followed in several languages. He tuned out all but the English one.

“Ladies and Gentlemen we will soon be arriving in Paris. Please ensure you take all of your belongings with you. On behalf of the train company I would like to wish you a pleasant say in our great city.”

Just a short while ago he’d been in Washington D.C. Now a quick flight across the Atlantic to London for that important meeting and then one train journey later and he was here after so many years away.

As the train pulled into Gare du Nord two days later, Ambler felt a wave of nostalgia.

It was here that he’d first met her. He’d been a junior at the British Embassy then and she had swept him off his feet. He remembered those romantic walks along the Seine with her sweet perfume in his nostrils. How was he to know she was an enemy agent? When he’d been transferred to Washington of course, she’d accompany him as his wife, but he didn’t know that it was all part of a devious plan. When she’d stolen the report and disappeared, he’d had to return to London and give an account of himself. The fact he was still breathing showed he had convinced them of his innocence, for now at least.

Now he had a mission he was eager to complete.

To find her and to kill her.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 27/September/2018

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